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Suzuki GSXR 1000 K6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by lyndon wright, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Gday, I just picked it up, if you are thinking of getting one, dont hesitate. Im 45 and have owned them all, yes Suzuki's are my favourite but how good can they get, so easy to ride. My only problem is the clutch shudders, but then the rest makes up for it. They are so cheap at the moment as well. Keep safe, Lyndon.

  2. Hi Lyndon,

    I've just recently got rid of a 2001 model Gixxer in place of a Superduke. I am
    a light guy... and found the Gixxer very hard to ride.

    You are 10 years older than me (I consider myself a bit of an old bastard now,
    back pains, wrist pains etc). It's interesting to hear your comments.

    Glad you like the bike though ;)


  3. tar

    Im the opposite, big and tall. I have always had sports bikes so I guess im used to it, but I cant say in words how good this bike is, almost as good as my 1965 Honda C100 50cc OHV engine scooter with 1,500 original miles on it. That is saying something because money cant buy mu scooter. See you in the hills, thanks Lyndon
  4. You said cheap. How much did you buy it for?
  5. Everytime I ride my K6, my face hurts from smiling so much, I've had over 50 bikes in my life, this bike is truly awesome! BUT be warned, that much horsepower is a pure waste on the road and can bite you should you let your concentration lapse.

    If I wasn't racing, I'd buy the GSXR 750 K6, it would even kick-arse on ride days.
  6. you guys call yourself old im 54 and have got myself a buellxb12r have ridden high reving jap all my life and needed a change best thing i ever did :grin: :grin:
  7. $$$$$$$$$$

    $16K, but I had to get it on the road, and that comes with the Motul and Yoshi. Thanks Lyndon
  8. I bought a K6 about a month ago, and I'll confirm that this is just about the sweetest handling bike I've ever ridden.
    The riding position isn't to harsh either (much better than previous models). The seat height is quit low, and its not a huge stretch to the bars - very similar to my F4i in fact.
  9. Great bike, just got my K6 today.
    Question: mine seems to have a "stutter" problem, whereby it will sort of drop the revs very slightly and quickly before opening up the revs, when I open the throttle. It's slightly annoying, and has caused me to stall a couple of times now while riding, once I stalled approaching the lights and tried to let the clutch out and it locked up and I started sliding.

    Mine has a Yoshi TRS zorst that's been put on before it was even started for the first time. I wonder if that's the problem? As far as I know it hasn't been plugged in and retuned for the exhaust yet, the dealer said they can't do that until the first service, maybe I should ask them to pop the original exhaust back on?
  10. Get the original put back on till they'll tune it to the Yoshi sounds the right idea. Then if it still plays up you can complain.

    I doubt very much if that exhaust is out of the paremeters of what the fuel injection can handle. I would not get it [ tuned ] until its run in and more important, you get used to it.

  12. Get a Power Commander USB111 put on and dialled in, best bucks you can spend. :grin:

    That'll sought any fuelling issues.
  13. You don't need PC3 on a Suzuki unless you're doing a whole bunch of mods. They have a reprogramable ECU.

    The 2001 GSXR1000 is an almost polar opposite to the current version. Powerful but top heavy and big. The new bike feels and rides like a 600.

    Many people have experienced the clutch shudder. I'm really surprised they don't run a hydraulic clutch. Not much extra weight for a whole lot more feel.
  14. This is most likely due to removal of the stock SET valve in the exhaust - alot of people have experienced this problem - only happens below around 5.5k rpm right? You fix it by remapping the ecu or putting the stock exhaust back on and reconnecting the SET valve. Its rubbish that it cant be remapped before the first service, however some wisdom suggests you should at least wait until you have run the engine in so that the mapping is appropriate. I kept my stock exhaust to the first 1k service and then changed everything over.

    As for the clutch, there are many complaints and suggestions out there... some people think its fine, others think suzuki should provide a fix. See how it goes after a few more km.
  15. Thanks for the info and suggestions! Ah, yes mine has a little bit of clutch shudder as well actually, not a big prob though, just a touch more revs and I'm learning to overcome it fairly easily as I get more used to it, although only bike I've ridden so far where I've really noticed it. Yes, they took out the exup like servo thing when they prepped it. I rang them up (Peninsula Suzuki) and they said they'll do a bit of a fiddle with the mapping to get it a little smoother before the first service no probs. It's not real good how it is right now so might do that tonight.
  16. Tar

    Thanks, I did have a feeling that it was normal, [ The shudder that is ] It is probably a bit toey from a standing start, im sure I will get used to it. Thanks Lyndon
  17. In the search of smoother power, another thing to consider is fitting a smart TRE. Suzuki programmed the ecu with a different ignition map for gears 1-4 and 5-6. The 1-4 map has some retard applied to the timing compared to the 5-6. The result is the engine wont rev up quite as quickly and doesnt feel as smooth in these gears.

    The TRE tricks the ecu into thinking your in fifth gear regardless of the actual gear your in, allowing the 5-6 ignition map to be run. The 'smart' versions are the ones to go for as they retain neutral - without this you would have to start the bike with the kickstand up and you would lose the neutral idle for warming up the engine. The other advantage is that when you get your ecu remapped you will have the fuelling set specifically for the 5th gear ignition map.

    I have (finally) got a working smart TRE fitted and indeed you can feel the difference - especially in 1st to 2nd. The one thing you will lose is your gear position indicator on the dash - this will only show 0 for neutral or 5 for every other gear. If you get one fitted and it shows blank, its faulty - ive had two faulty units from the same manufacturer :evil:
    Dont pay more than $100 for one - its only a couple resistors and a transistor... id make them except I cant find anywhere to get the suzuki wiring connectors from... :?:

    Im due for another service now, so Ill probably get the bike remapped with the new TRE fitted - the old one was pretty sus. Even still, with an inefficient slip on and the original remap I had solid 5+hp gain accross the range and a healthy 10+hp at the peak.
  18. There's a wire your supposed to disconnect from the ECU wiring harness, that supposedly disables the SET in the engine management, when changing from the stock exhaust. If anything my bike seems to run smoother in lower revs now the the new pipe is on. It may have also been some magic they worked at the 1k service also.
  19. I have a TRE that I'm not using if you want it, $100, it's brand new.

    I don't know if there are different ignition maps in each bike (I wouldn't think so) but my bike pings its head-off in low rpm/part throttle settings..... I don't need anymore ignition advance! The only way I could partly control the pinging was to run the new 100 octane Ethanol fuel from Shell, the Optimax Extreme.

    I have a race can fitted to my bike, have run it on the dyno to see how it looks without any mapping changes, the mixtures show it to be 1 ~ 5% rich at all rpm & throttle settings; better than most standard bikes off the showroom floor I think.
  20. You cut the black/brown wire from the ECU only to stop the 'F1' warning from coming up in the dash when the SET valve servo motor is removed.