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Suzuki GSXF750 Owners

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by darkstorm, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I have just upgraded to a suzuki GSXF 750, and was wondering if there were any groups such as a suzuki owners club, or riders club etc in australia.
    I have found it to be an awesome upgrade from my 250 and suits my wife and i perfectly as it is a great ride for a pillion as well, and I rarely go out without her on the back, and when i do it feels like i have forgotten something like a helmet or gloves. lol.
    Went out to the superbikes on the weekend, as we can very easily seeing as we live on Phillip Island, and love the bikes. But we saw very few GSXF750`s getting around. Was wondering if there arent too many around. Even the Suzuki stand at the expo didnt bring one with them. :(
    Please feel free to add any comments or feelings on this topic.
    Mark and Heather

  2. I scored a ride on JAFU's GSXF750 to get to the track last weekend!

    Solid bike :!:

    I could see it being a very comfy tourer - torquey bugger too :grin:

    Come on now, the focus was on sports-bikes at Phillip Island... I didn't see any FJ models at the Yamaha tent :)

    I'll wager Scorpious misses his GSXF [get well soon, buddy!].
  3. Hi, and welcome to Netrider. :)

    Another GSXF swells the ranks! I know of 4 GSXFs that were at the Superbikes, including mine and Jafu's.

    Like you, I upgraded to it from a 250 and have been very happy with the bike.

    'Solid', Ktulu? You mean 'hefty', don't you? :LOL: I didn't know you were down for the Supers, or I'd have asked Dave to introduce us.
  4. yeah thereis a suzuki owners club i will see if i can find the letter i got for gp last yr didnt know there was one or that i was in it
  5. Yeah! I know we must have missed heaps of netriders who were there - there just weren't enough people sending enough SMS's for us to catch up with you all - there was a thread in Vic Ride & Events etc where we made the plans.

    Next time, eh? MotoGP! :grin:
  6. I saw a GSXF 750 at the campbelltown RTA today as I went to pay for my pre L test, anyone here own it?
  7. Nice bikes the GSX750F's, do most things pretty well :)
  8. Seriously missed... Loved the bike though and the only part Ihave left is a broken half rear leftside footpeg as a keepsake
  9. :cry: :cry: :cry:

    After nearly a year of ownership, my bike continues to impress me.

    It's the proverbial 'quiet achiever'. Every so often you'll think to yourself 'gee, it did that well'. Then it settles back into being an unfussed travel companion.

    One of the things that impressed me most about it last year was the way it coped with commuting through heavy freeway traffic at night. Even with heavy rain, freezing cold and slippery roads (not to mention blind cagers) I always made it home safe and in a calm state of mind. A terrific bike for the real world.
  10. I'm upgrading from my 250 in a couple of months time, and these bikes are very high on my 'must test ride' list. They seem to go cheap second hand, I've noticed a few 2000 models going for around $5K. Any particular problems to look out for? How do they go fuel efficiency wise?
  11. They aren't all that popular here in Aus but whenever I mentioned I was upgrading to the gsx750f no one ever had anything bad to say about them. Always along the lines of a great bike with a bulletproof engine.

    There is an excellent yank forum
    that has stacks and stacks of info. They're pretty popular over there it seems, just be aware that they also received a 600 model so a lot of talk might be referring to them. Most of it is transferable though.
    rb, I'm certain there's a very detailed thread on katriders on all the exact things to look for. A guy over there called cyberpoet is a veritable encyclopedia when it comes to kats. They're called katanas in the states.
  12. I am another one that has this bike at the top of the list for my upgrade mid year from the GPX250
    one thing a guy at a Suzuki dealer said to me was that they might be too top heavy for me
    I sat on the bike and stood up fine and liked the weight
    BUT that was just sitting still with me moving it from side to side off the stand
    as I am still on restricted I cannot take it for a ride
    BUT what I am hoping to ask people who already own one
    was it something that you noticed dramatically when you upgraded?
    especially those who upgraded from the 250?
    was there anything else you felt you had to adjust to? (apart from the engine size)

  13. I owned a GSX750F before I bought the Blackbird. Nice bike, goes well ... bullet proof. Looks better with a higher tinted windscreen. And goes well on the Oxley.

    Some people don't like the look of them much, but I rather liked the rounded look myself. ( in fact thats the GSXF in my avatar )

    Only problem I had was that my hands tended to buzz on the grips. And seems to be geared a little low for the power you can get out of it. Maybe go up a tooth or two on the drive sprocket ... although I never tried it.

    Out of 10 .... I'd give it a 9 for reliability.

  14. For myself coming from a GZ250 (mini Cruiser) to a GSXF750 the differences where huge. Height,weight,rideing style all where something I needed to get used too.

    I cant say too much as I only had mine for just on 3 months before it was trashed by the clown that hit us and I hadn't done a massive amount of kms so my experience is limited.

    The modifications I had done where small .. shaved the seat a little as I am only a short arse 5ft 4 and I liked both my feet planted firmly on the ground when I bought her. I later got used to useing only one foot down and slid a little on the seat to be more comfortable.
  15. thanks for your reply Scorpious31

    yours was definately a HUGE difference


  16. Thanks, I'll check that out. So far no one seems to have anything bad to say, except perhaps odd styling. I happen to like it (especially in black, maybe silver), so that's all good.
  17. The extra weight of the bike compared to a 250 is something to get used to.
    And the bike's centre of gravity is reasonably high. It's really only noticeable when you're stationary or manouvring at v.slow speed, though. Once you're on the move it's not an issue and I've not found it a problem.

    As far as the extra power compared to a 250 is concerned, I didn't have any difficulty making the swap. It's a very benign bike, just explore its capabilities gradually and you'll be fine.

    You'll find they have a few vibes, getting a bit buzzy in the 4-5000 rpm range. No big deal though.
  18. I got an Ivans jet kit for mine in from the states, it gets rid of most of that vibration, removes the mid range flat spot and gives a nice but not dramatic increase in throttle response and power.
    I haven't ridden any supersports but I'd say these bikes are going to be a bit more noob friendly, I only spent seven months on the across before upgrading. Only time it's gotten a bit hairy on me was the first time I changed from first to second at mid to high revs and at a decent lean. Clutched fairly quickly as I normally would and the torque spun the rear up. Don't know if it was bike or rider but a few sharpish kicks from the handlebars and I'd gathered it up.
    They are a bit big and heavy but I'm fairly tall, round 185cms and it's good for me. Legs are long enough to always catch it if it starts to tip at low speed and very comfy riding position. I took the across for a little run on the weekend to clear the cobwebs and almost did my back in lol.
  19. Thanks for the info regarding weight etc Gromit and Sarsippius

    Sarsippius did you do the early upgrade with metal as well?
    The instructors there are ace!!
    I really miss the Darwin riding thats for sure

    have you got a link for the Ivans Jet kit
    or any useful links for the bike?
    I think I am pretty well sold on it now
    the hubby got the V-Strom but I much prefer the superbike style

  20. Yeah, I'd be interested in more info on the jet kit too! :grin: