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Suzuki GSX650FU cannot be unrestricted, apparently...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by toast, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. A friend of mine spoke to Canberra Motorcycle Centre today and was told that the two new Suzuki LAMS bikes (SV650SU and GSX650FU) cannot be derestricted once you have a full license... So what is the point of purchasing one?

    I searched their site and there is nothing on this. Searched all Aussie sites and still no mention. I swear I saw something on it on the weekend, stating that the ECM could be replaced with a full mapped version for a cost.

    Why bother having an expensive LAMS bike?

  2. I think you mean 'once you are OFF your Ls', don't you??
  3. Ah yeah, thanks. Change made above.
  4. that's just the word of one dealer, until Suzuki confirms this or some other convincing proof that someone has unofficially unrestricted one I'm not believing anything.

    It would appear to be rather incredibly stupid for Suzuki to do this however. However marketing people are not that smart.
  5. Your first mistake was asking CMC a question. I think you've got about a 40% chance of them giving you the right answer....
  6. interesting to see what the outcome is on that, i hope when its time to part with my gsx650f i can revert it to a lams like the fu , as it will certainly make it easier to sell.
  7. I got a quote today for a gsx650fu at the local dealer and the information pages he was looking up said that it was done via a change of memcal chip at the dealership when you get your full license and then they tell the vicroads (or whatever other states call the RTA) that they have changed it and your rego loses the R for restriction on it.

    I dunno but that is what he told me.
  8. Yeah this sounds correct.
  9. There'd be no point in buying a 650 if you can't unrestrict it imo. Honestly you'll have a big engined heavy bike with no power. That would be stupid.

    Its probably just an ECU swap or something.
  10. The UK has restrictions on their bikes and you just change the ECU ,so it should be the same ....you would think.!
    But I'm suprised they don't have this info on the suzuki site, like .

    ""The bikes ECU can be change once off you P's "" .

    This would be the top selling point for the bike. :?
  11. Is this concrete or not?
    As I talked to one of the guys at CMC today and was told that the ECU's can not be swapped/remapped. I have the feeling I will need to ring suzuki Australia to find out.

    I was very keen on the GSX650F because I am still on restrictions (for a little) and its a nice bike, decent size and will hold value if it can be re-restricted when sold.

    *sigh* I bloody wish these places had people with a clue!
  12. Without any credible info other than intuition I'd say a definite 'no' to your question. ECUs are programmed so can be reprogrammed if you have the correct equipment. That can only mean that you can have a 'normal' SV650 once reprogrammed.

    Don't you think Suzuki would just simply put a differently programmed ECU in the SV650 just to make it a LAMS bike? That is by far their cheapest option and the one they would have taken.

    If this bike was available when the missus and I ordered our bikes early in August then I definitely would have got it. Waiting about 4 months (told an estimated 2 months at the time of ordering) for our 400s bites. :( They'll hopefully be worth the wait.

  13. Regardless of how the restriction functions, it'll be able to be modified, one way or another.

    Common sense, whatever difference there is between the standard version will be small and easily changed for a stock item or program. There's no simple way they could permanently restrict a bike.

    They may not promote or support the idea that the bike can be derestricted for political reasons. How many 650 hyosung riders do you think honestly wait the full period of their provisional licence to derestrict their bikes?

    I can forsee future political problems with these "derestrictable bikes", becoming a real road-safety whipping boy. How will the media react if they ever learn there are people on their learners riding bikes with 70hp and capable of speeds in excess of 200km/h, and getting away with it.

    This'll be what Suzuki is trying to avoid.
  14. Oi! As a Honda Deauville owner I resemble that remark!
  15. I was talking to a guy at the suzuki stand at the expo today, and he said they are having localised difficulty with the restriction method. he didn't go into much detail, but he said the ECU restriction was the most viable method as it is more expensive to derestrict to a normal person. That being said, he was also kind enough to spend 30 minutes talking to me. Very happy with the service at the suzuki stand.

    And that white GSXR750 was just absolutely stunning... might have to book one for January next year!
  16. You will have to swap the ECU out at a cost of about $1,300. Vicroads are getting a bit nervous about how eay it is to change so Suzuki are remaining tight lipped when asked directly.

    Man that SV650 would make an awesome LAMS bike.
  17. 1.3grand for an ECU? What does it run, a Core 2 Duo?
    Fark me thats a lot.
  18. ECU's have always been at the upper end of the cost scale when it comes to OEM parts. Computers are one of those parts that manufacturers don't generally keep huge amounts of surplus spare parts of, because of their sporadic reliability.

    From one model to the next in can be hard to identify how reliable a given management computer will be before it explodes. It depends on all sorts of variables, and sometimes just a bit of bad luck.

    So they don't keep large enough numbers of these parts for the after sales customers to be able to see much of a discount. Yes they have a large mark up on them, but it is comparable to most other parts.

    The old mitsubishi magna's used to do transmission computers AND ECU's at regular intervals, at a cost of over $1000 each. It became cheaper to have the bad one repaired, some electronics places actually began to rely on magna computers as the bulk of their trade. Another ridiculous part was the $1250 alternator off one of the early model ford XR6's. It has special diodes don't ya know.
  19. Yeah I think they want keep it low key as Vicroads are busting their chops.