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Suzuki GSX650FU 0 - 100kph?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MrRyannnnnnnn, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I recently sold my good old Honda VT250C and will be looking to get a new motorcycle in QLD at the end of this year. I am seriously considering the GSX650FU. Although I like the GT650r's styling more, I want to play it safe. I don't want to be one of the people who try out the EFI models and realise they are not reliable a few years down the track. Not that that will happen to anyone... well hopefully lol.

    Although speed is not a huge thing, I am wondering how many seconds it takes for the GSX650Fu to get from 0 - 100kph.

    Also, Is the GT650RL faster?

    Thanks, by the way, this is my first post here on netrider :)

  2. you will struggle to fine 0-100 times anywhere for bikes, why?

    many reasons

    some could be riders ability weight conditions balls etc...

    try looking up 1/4 mile times same deal there though failing that youtube vids could help

    but i think everyone bar hyo owners will agree with me here and even some of them will too, get the suzuki forget the hyosung, you read nothing but pages and pages of my hyosung broke down etc...
  3. i know it goes just under 200kmh if that helps :p
  4. 3.7 secs apparently, that is the unrestricted version. should be similar as i think its only the top end of the 650fu thats de tuned not the bottom end
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Looking for just a average sort of guess nothing exact.
  6. Also, how reliable is the GSX650FU? I have read lots of great reviews but i recently saw a thread on problems that people have had and it seemed that nearly every post had something really concerning to say about their bike.
  7. oooooooooooooooh, linky?
  8. dreeeeeamin especially for the lams model. would be more like 5secs assuming is faster than most 250s
  9. Does that mean the top of the rev range or the top of the speed range? Cause you'd use all of the rev range going from 0-100 on a GSX650 and there would be a significant difference if it was a throttle limiting mechanism or a carb slide limiter rather than a speed limiter.
  10. which is why it would be similar. the unrestricted version is an inline 4 650cc bike.
    fair enough, its pretty heavy, but the sv650 does similar times and its a v twin, but lighter
  11. None of the above... the timing and fuelling maps in the EFI computer are wound back at higher RPM's to cap the power output.

    But yes, you would expect a noticeable difference in 0-100 time compared to the full-fat bike. Still quicker than a 250 though due to more torque at lower revs.
  12. i'd say 5-7 seconds depending on how fat the rider
  13. dude it will be condsiderably slower than an unrestricted gsx650f. as explained by the dude who could be bothered.

    and an sv650 is ligher and quicker than a gsxf anyway.

    your dreamin if you think a 40-50 hp restricted ~250kg wet learners i4 is .7 of a second slower to 100kmh than a busa/lirebike with 4x the hp
    lighter and better traction off the line
  14. It's restricted to 30HP. Slow as a wet week.

  15. I have the 2008 650F ,its 100% the same bike at the FU ...apart for the ECU which restricts it.
    There are no know common problems with the bike and its as reliable as any other bike out there.
    A couple of people have had trouble with the mirrors de silvering and the gear position sensor not working .
    I started this thread 2 months ago with 1300 members on the forum and 5 people have had very small problems ,that can be fixed with in minutes and coverd under warranty.

    I think you will find that if thats it for faults on one or two owners bikes ,its pretty bloody good.
  16. I have the LAMS model.

    To get to 100, you need to use all the gears. There is no extra power over 6000 revs, so you need to use the gears to get it there, rather than just leaving it in 2nd or 3rd and pegging it like people do on unrestricted sportsbikes.

    It worries me you're so concerned over the 0-100 times. If what you want to know is, will it keep up with all the other 600cc unrestricted sportsbikes out there? Sure, on the road, at legal speeds, no problem. Just don't expect to accelerate to 100 as quickly as the other bikes. They will be able to out accelerate you. Will it outrun most cars at the lights? yes. Comfortably, even with a fat rider.

    Also, its a sports touring bike, not a sports bike. More upright riding position, uses heaver parts to be cheaper. I personally think it's an excellent LAMS bike, but these days I'd also check out the Ninja 650 if you're going to buy new.

    In my view, people should get a LAMS 650 if they find a 250 isn't able to lug their fat arse around comfortably. Otherwise, they should get a Ninja 250, and save up for the bike of their dreams once they are off restrictions.

    The Suzuki GSX650FU isn't anyone's bike of their dreams, but it is a good LAMS bike.
  17. Pfft, you can do it in 2nd :grin: (on a track). It'll be happy to do 100 in 4th or 5th.
  18. Is that true? The hyo is restricted to 40kw, which is a large difference.
  19. yeah, sure, you can wind it up there. Its just not very exciting.
  20. I would rather ride a restricted GSX650F than a not restricted say GS500F or similar. The GSX650F is so comfortable, quiet and responsive. It carves around corner and due to the weight of the bike has no problems riding through very windy conditions.
    For a restricted rider the GSX650F is a fantastic ride.