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Suzuki GSX650F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Suzuki GSX650F. Been riding all day and here is what I think of it:

    After turning the bike around on a small hill to face the right way, I noticed how heavy the bike was, i was concerned that i might drop it , anyway I fired it up - its very quiet - but looks like it should sound louder with the big fat exhaust pipe! I'll add a slip on muffler later.

    The bike has an upright riding position , and that's what i like about it the most, once cruising along, the bike feels like it is glued to the road - even in the wet. I have previously been riding a Suzuki GS500 and always found it alarming to go into corners .However, on the GSX650F, the bike encourages you to go into corners very quickly. In fact, I was going around the corners today at two and half times the posted limit, even more at times, even though the road was wet, and felt totally confident. It was like the bike was talking to me telling me it wanted to go into the corners fast ,as you approach a corner or bend it says 'go on do it ,it will be right'....and I'm a novice just licenced! I just couldn't believe the ease with which it went around the corners and bends with some speed.....it felt like it was on rails. The slogan for their advertising should be "It makes bad riders look good!... and rename it gsx650C .C for Corners!

    The instrument panel has a gear box light which tells you which gear you're in - this is a blessing for me because i'm not always sure what gear i'm in! But hey no problem! And the gears are really easy to find. The digital petrol gauge is great too, bars disappear as it gets low.The bike does'nt have a reserve tap on the tank or a centre stand, but it should and i will add a centre stand asap.

    Straight line performance is adequate ! The bike is so smooth that it feels like its floating just above the ground, and the wind does'nt seem to bother it either , she cuts through the air like a F1-11 even at 150km/h you dont feel like you have to hang on for dear life.The seat is comfortable for long spurts. The brakes work fine and don't feel too touchy.

    I enjoyed riding it all day and finally found a bike that ticks all boxes, no problem in traffic , price ten grand brand new - bargain, 4 cyclinder sound, fairing , color , comfort, straight line speed , goes around corners easy, and gear box display. The weekend visits to the bike shops are over and the motorcycle trader magazines have now been delegated to the recycle bin ! thank god for that !

  2. Nice write up :) Thanks for sharing.

    Hmmm.. So you were doing close to 90 around 35ers, in the WET? :shock:

    I did 40 around a 35er once, I'm such a rebel :grin:
  3. Nice write up thanks. I really like the look of this bike. Very modern.

  4. :LOL: :LOL: I said the same thing in a post I wrote. :grin:

    Im still having trouble setting the shift light .I got it once to flash etc while trying to change it to a full light ,but buggered if I can get it to set where I want it on the rpm range .. :?
    Got any tips?

    Congrats and enjoy. :grin:
  5. Hi people new here so i spose i should contribute something. to set your shift change light you have the bike in neutral and ignition switch off, ensure the red cut off swicth is in the on/run position. you then press and hold the mode and adjust button on the instrument panel, turn the ignition switch on and wait for the bike to finish doing it's checks. (intsrument panel does a few flashy things). Then release both buttons and press the mode button twice, you should see the tacho needle move to a point. (it will be anywhere between 6000 and redline. then push the adjust button until it is where you wish it set. (there are only presets available as you will see and you may have to press it several times until you get it right) Then turn the ignition off. DONE! hopefully :wink:

  6. Thanks Jim ,every clear and easy to do they way you said it ,I tried it 20 times before :? ,but I read you post and went and fixed it in 2 minutes . :grin: .

    Problems that I didn't or couldn't read properly or understand ,was you have to keep the Red kill switch ON.[GOOD TIP} :cool: .

    And to look for the rev counter to move ,It was probably moving when I would press it once ,but didn't notice ,once you keep pushing the button fast you can see it move. :oops:
    I also set it to 6000rpm ,just to get my moneys worth ,so I can see it more :p , also the shift light on solid and at a low brightness .

    Cheers mate ,Buy you self a beer on me :cool: :wink: :LOL:
  7. lol, mate it took me an hour to work it out, i dont think those owner's manuals quite translate :grin:
  8. Good write up, and it sounds like a great bike, but just a couple of minor comments:

    If you're just licensed and doing corners at 2.5 times posted, in the wet, and 150 on a test ride, you're in prime territory to become a statistic, no matter how good the bike is and no matter how good a rider you think you are.

    Slow it down a bit - you have the rest of your life to enjoy riding and build your skills. Or at least, you will have if you survive the first year.
  9. What do you mean by the above statement?

    i am looking at getting the 2007 GS500 as my first bike, and this is the first real negative feedback i have been able to find as yet.... did you have any other criticisms of the bike?
  10. It was not a negative comment .In comparison to gs500 the gsx650f handles corners heaps, heaps better.

    Spend the extra few bob and get the gsx650. You will be glad you did.

    The gs500 i found to be a great bike, just not my cuppa of tea.Also ive enjoyed my riding on the 650f a hell of lot more than the gs500.

    In fact i've enjoyed it that much ( entry sports bike gsx650f ) im looking at purchasing a ducati 1098 for some serious fun!!! Cheers
  11. I've had my bike license for 10 years & bought my first bike 3 days ago. After researching & speaking to family & friends that ride I bought the GSX650F. It is idiot proof to ride, the only downside is the weight, 214kg is a lot. In saying that on the motorway the thing can ride through gale force winds without any sideways movement.

    All in all I am very happy thus far. I am at work now wishing I was at home so I could go for a ride.

    Nice review btw.
  12. Congrats Aussiespur, what color did y get ?

    You will have an absolute ball on it , your right it is heavy, especially when y push it in and out of the garage. The advantage is that when you ride in high wind very stable .

    Once you run it in the fun starts, between 10 and 13 thousand revs, the motor screams like a wild pig and you feel like your attached to a rocket.

    Enjoy :wink:
  13. Thanks jim very useful info
  14. 214kg is a lot in terms of racing, but for the road, you'll appreciate the weight. Hell, my old GPX250 wasn't too far from that weight... just goes to show how modern bikes are a lot lighter than you think.

    I'm not a spewzuki fan, but I think this bike is the best all round bike of it's class that's currently on the market... especially in terms of value for money.
  15. Thanks mate. I got the Blue/White one. I have alredy clocked up 400km's in my first weekend so running it in shouldn't take too long.
  16. I am still on my Ls (after 5 months) and just about to go for my Ps and looking to upgrade already, as I want something new (reliable and smooth) and semi-sportish.

    The GSX650F looks like just the thing, as I want to put a rack and panniers on it. The only problem is that it's not LAMS approved and the ACT does not recognise drivers over 30 for full license qualification after sitting the MOST test (the way NSW does).

    In the UK, Suzuki has a whole range of bikes that they've made a special ECU which restricts the output for learners with restricted licenses. It's a fully setup system over there.

    So, I'm going to discover if I can get an ECU for the bike which restricts it to LAMS limits and then apply to have it approved (they've got a special form to apply for approval of a rider's personal bike).

    Technically, restricting an already ADR complianced bike should be legal. Then it is just a matter of proving the compliance with LAMS regulations by getting it dyno'd. If this process is allowed, I'll do it.
  17. GS500 comment

    I am new here, so hi to all! I am looking at buying a GSX650F ( so thank you all for your comments) but thought I'd mention that the GS500 is a great bike ( having riden one for 30000kms over 2 yrs). Super reliable, simple engineering, easy to ride, decent brakes and a great bike for those new to riding and quite a capable machine in its own right. Certainly taught me a thing or two about cornering!
    Would be interested to hear some comments from anyone who has attempted touring on the GSX650F?
  18. I tried the GS500F and also found it to be a fun and very easy to ride bike. However, the twin engine put me off. I like the smooth whine of the fours.
  19. I done about 400km on a ride ....stop, starting ,etc ,not full on more then 2 hours and it needs a sheep skin for the seat. :shock: .

    If you have done 30000km on the GS500F and its floats your boat ,the comfort and riding position the GSX will be a great choise.
    Its a great bike ,Its fast ,smooth, easy as to ride and looks good and its got alot of extra gear on it for a cheaper bike ..,the reviews are all for the bike for touring and playing in the twistys.

    Here is one with all the touring gear on it.

  20. GSX650 - touring

    Thanks! I had been waiting to see a photo of a GSX fitted with panniers!!To my untrained eye, looks like a GIVI system, but could be wrong. If I bought a GSX650 I was looking at the optional centre stand ( I have never owned a bike without a centre stand) and a pannier system but in my opinion I think this set of panniers looks a little overbearing ( and detracts from the looks) on the bike. I think I'd prefer smaller panniers to fit .. Does anyone know of other systems to suit?
    Anyway I am getting a little ahead of myself seeing as I haven't been for a test ride yet!! Problem is I tend to like any bike on a test ride, provided I fit it okay. I'm 6Ft, 75-80 kgs. My only concern is maybe buffeting from the screen but won't know until I hit freeway speeds.
    My other concern is whether Suzuki's dealer service is up to scratch (I plan to keep the bike for at least 5 years) .. I had trouble in the past with delays with parts and general unsatisfactory dealings with Suzuki dealership in Sydney and having had a terrific run with my last bike, BMW F650 its hard to commit to going back to a Suzuki. I guess its something I will just have to take a chance on. A pity that Honda doesn't offer a bike in this category!