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Suzuki GSX650F

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  2. Nice, I really liked mine.
  3. I still have mine......see avatar. Great bike. Have you just got it?. Mine is part of my journey to find the right bike for me after coming back to bikes after my mid-life crisis (that's the time in your life when you don't have enough time or money for a motorbike) . I started with a Honda CB900, then got the GSX650F. It handles much better than my Honda and is lighter and more fun to ride. The fairing makes a big difference and my wife reckons its very comfortable on the back. Its currently on loan to my son who has just got his full licence.

    I recently stiffened up the front suspension, when I googled this its a common issue as the bikes are set up for Japanese/Asian riders, who are typically a lot lighter than your average Ocker. Its really simple to do and all on YT if you don't have a manual (I didn't )

    As far as I can glean from the interweb, you have to partly dismantle the bike to check the water level. Ill get to that one day soon.

    If you have just got it then watch out for the on/off effect at the bottom of the fuel injection system - shut the throttle even momentarily and the fuel supply stops and the engine brake goes on. I notice this when cruising in a queue of traffic, burbling along at 3000 revs, in the lower or higher gears, the engine is continually shutting off and opening up. The opening up is ok but the shutting off is a pain. The other time I notice it is cornering if I havent got my technique right. Ideally I should have done all my slowing down before the corner and be accelerating out and through, but nobody is perfect, least of all me and if my mind has wandered to the next coffee instead of paying 110% attention, then I get a nervy jerky corner or a lot of clutch work. I guess I should view that as a plus, its a good corner trainer.

    Anyways, still a great bike and fantastic value for money, I reckon. Race bikes are all very wonderful but the 650 has more than enough go to put the bounce in my bungee.

    Have fun!
  4. Great all rounder, and the total cost of ownership including buying, service, fuel, tyres, rego and insurance is very reasonable! Gotta be happy with that.
  5. I've had the bike since April/May but never got around to posting a showcase until now.

    I commute just over 50km a day for work and I find that I really enjoy it. The fairing is great protection, the bars are low enough to be sporty, but still comfortable.

    I am due for the 18,000km service so going to book it into the shop soon. probably going to get a K&N air filter installed.

    I haven't attempted to tighten up the front suspension, didn't even know it was adjustable.

    as for the jerky throttle at low rpms - I have noticed this and just make sure I feather the clutch when it gets down below 4000 or so and I am decelerating. It's not a huge deal and I'm not dropping down gears or letting off the throttle when I go around corners so no problems there.
  6. There is a threaded bar in the centre of the nut at the top of each front fork. You can simply screw this in (stiffen) or out (slacken) the front suspension. If they are already screwed right in then someone's already done it. Screwdriver only required and you don't need to slacken the fork top nut, it just screws in or out. If you have never had a problem with the front diving under braking or in corners, then no reason to change it.