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Suzuki GSX650F (readvertised)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Finn, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. My Suzuki is no longer for sale.
    Sold to a fellow Netrider.

    I'll let the new proud owner make the announcement in his own time.
    I know he's gonna love it and take good care of it.

    (I never even named her :cry: )

    Good luck dude. I can't wait to get out with the two of you, Barney and I. :LOL:
  2. Great looking bike bud, awesome 'nick' (;) ) and what a price !
    Best of luck selling it mate, though I don't think you'll be needing any luck with this beauty !
  3. No interest at all?
  4. Let me just add, i know Finn personaly, and he looks after his bikes like they are his babies :)
  5. Thanks for the good word Goz.

    Cheers NK. :wink:
  6. I've got one of these as my upgrade bike & they are great to ride. Specs & numbers don't do them justice & they are surprisingly quick. I'm surprised you've had to readvertise it. Best of luck with the sale.

  7. +1 to all that you've said.
    Great bikes. Had it since brand new too so it's not easy to let it go.
    I think there was just a little bit of sub-conscious self sabotage the first time around.
    Wish I could afford to keep them both but can't. (I'm such a brat).

    It's gotta go this time for sure.
  8. It's sold. Please refer to OP.

    (Mods, can we close this please? Cheers)
  9. Thread closed. Congrats Finn on your sale mate (y)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.