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Suzuki GSX650F are they a good quality machine?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hyo1974, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I guess the title says it all. I'm interested to know what these 2010 Suzuki's are like? I've ridden one and was impressed with the smoothness and the riding position was just perfect for my size (6ft4ins). What I'm after is to know if their fit/finish (can't see under the fairing), reliability and durability are of an excellent standard.

    Your thoughts?

  2. Their reliability hasn't really been established yet since they're a new model.
  3. Aren't they just a 650 Bandit with a full fairing...
  4. For all types of forum stuff about the GSX650F, you might like to try


    Its not Australian, but still a good website.
  5. The GSX650F has been out since 2008. I've had mine for 15 months and I have no major issues so far. Getting close to 36 000ks on the odo. The 2010 model is just a colour change, I don't think there has been any major changes to the internal workings
  6. They are a 650 bandit with a full fairing of a 2005 gixxer as stinger said.
    The bandit has been around for years and years and is one of the UK's best sellers ,its had upgrades over the years to where it is today.
    The bikes motor is 4 years old now and frame running gear etc etc ..so the bike is tryed and tested.
    See the above link that Talon put up ,and all the info on the bike is there.
  7. Bought the 2009 LAMS version, around end of July, and been riding it to work every day since then, and taking it on rides on the weekend, at least once a month. Over 10,000km so far :)

    The bike itself has been flawless. The only complaint I had was with a buzz in the instrument panel, but it was easily rectified by tightening some screws.

    I'm 6'2" and its comfortable for me, though I did need to adjust the gear and rear brake levers, to be a little bit further down than standard. The riding position for me is great, nice and high.

    Handlebar ends are perfect height to hit all sedan wing mirrors. Mirrors on the bike are the exactly right height to hit tradie van mirrors. Large exhaust pipe is a liability when filtering between traffic, but it could be worse. I think these problems are not unique to the 650F.

    LAMS performance is ok in town, but sucks on the open road. Not a problem you'll have as you're looking at the F, not the FU. It has a LOT of torque low down, so you can avoid changing gears most of the time if you plan to commute. I put it in 3rd/4ft when puttering around, sometimes dropping it to 2nd, once i hit the Princes Hwy, it goes to 6th and I still have enough acceleration to keep in front of the traffic. I expect with the unrestricted ECU, you'll hit 6k revs and the thing will go like a rocket.

    Mechanically, I have no idea, not being a grease monkey, and it being a new bike, anything mechanical goes to the professionals. But the mechanic that works on my bike says he's never seen anything serious with the bike, despite being relatively new, they've got a good pedigree I suppose.

    I'm happy with my purchase, and it's hard for me to not buy the unrestricted version when I get my unrestricted license in September.
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  8. When you say the performance sucks on the open road, in what way do you mean? like struggles to stay at the speed limit? By the way i just want to add that your youtube video discussing the GSX650FU is very good, thanks for that. :)
  9. It'll do the speed limit just fine. No problem at all in the twisties or on hilly roads. Just don't expect it to keep up with your friends 600+ cc sports bikes if they decide to break the law.

    The fastest I was able to get it up to (on a private road) was 155. With a lighter rider you might get a little more out of it, but the squished power curve is very noticeable. A friend with a 10 year old CBR600RRRRR (or whatever it is) and I had a little drag race, I could keep up until we hit about 60 or 70km/h at which point his other two cylinders kicked in and he rocketed off - there was just no way I could catch him after that.

    For what it is, a LAMS bike that will last you for the time you'll be on your restricted license, it's great.

    Of course, I've replaced the clutch lever with a hayabusa clutch lever so it might go faster now!