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Suzuki gsx400 fws?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by uted, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. 8-[ Hi all i'm new here and not a really up on my bike knowledge being relatively new to bikes, so wondering if any one here can help me out with some info.
    Recently i acquired another bike. It is a 1983 Suzuki gsx400 fws, the problem i am having is i can't find any info or parts available for this bike in Aus. It's missing the left hand side cover and thats about it. I've done Google searches and searched on forums but all i seem to be able to find is European sites which need translating and end up gibberish. So if anyone could help out with some info on these bikes in Aus it would be much appreciated.

  2. mate the bike is 27 years old and they probably only sold about 200 in the first place all over Australia. I'm afraid you are going to have to get used to sourcing parts from overseas.

    The same goes with most bikes over 15 years old.

    Just looking through the american parts sites and it looks as though that bike didn't make it to the states. Bummer.

    try searching for .jp sites
  3. In the US, a lot of Suzis that were GSXs elsewhere, were marketed as GSs so it's hard to say.

    Is it a twin or a four and is it air or water cooled? If it's an air cooled twin, you've a fighting chance, the air cooled fours were never common and have now mostly blown up/worn out. The water cooled four (whose exact model designation I forget, but I'm pretty sure was a GSX of some flavour) seems astoundingly rare and I've only ever seen one.

    However, Suzuki were quite well behaved with regard to parts standardisation at the time, so a lot of cycle parts will be interchangeable with other models of the era. The difficulty lies in finding out which ones.

    I have to admit to a certain partiality to the twins as I had my first serious crash on one. Well, actually, my mate had his third on it and I happened to be pillion at the time. It says something for the passenger comfort that the crash was almost preferable to the remaining 20 km of the journey.

    [Edit] OK, I just Googled it and it looks like the FWS is the water cooled four. The only one I ever saw was while I was running a GSX550 and, based on my inspection 15 years ago, I'd bet my left nut that pretty much all the cycle parts and some of the bodywork will interchange with the air cooled GSX550, which seems to have been quite popular here.

    Engine parts, though.............Good luck.
  4. Thanx mate ,yeah realize if i found the parts it needs they would probably have to come from over seas.
  5. Thanx mate. You are correct it is a water cooled four. So basically what i have is an obscure small capacity bike i can't get parts for:rolleyes:. Going off the links that kols-kebabs posted the FWS was a Swedish bike, which would explain why most of the stuff i have found on them has been on sites from that region of the world. So how come this one ended up in Australia or were they sold here as well:-k
  6. Here are a couple of pics and a small vid of the bike. After cleaning it up a bit it is actually in pretty good nic for it's age, surprising really when you consider it had been sitting on a front porch in the weather for three years and previous to that in the corner of a shed for god knows how long. was originally parked because of electrical problems which took me a day to sort out and i have repaired the exhaust and done a lot of polishing and some paint work on the frame. It still needs some work and i want to repaint it but everything works and when i rode it the other day it went like the clappers and didn't miss a beat


  7. Pat is right. It does look a lot like the 550. Also the good news is Suzuki tend to use a lot of their parts across their range.
  8. Ah yes. Early '80s Suzukis and electrical problems go together like...erm.....things that really commonly go together. Hope you like the smell of boiling battery acid. The good news is, though, it's all fixable. The main fix being to replace the Suzuki rec/reg with almost anything else. In my day, the Honda CB250N unit was the go, because wreckers had zillions of them and it seemed a shame to waste the one decent bit of a Superdream.

    If the chassis is common with the GSX 550, it's a good little bike. My GSX could keep up with most other things on any kind of twistery, assuming sane riders. If worst came to worst, it might not be impossible to shoehorn the GSX lump into the frame, giving you as good parts availability as any mainstream bike of the era. However, being a Suzuki four stroke, I would not expect many mechanical problems assuming a good history of oil and coolant changes.
    Netriders I'm really sorry to do this to you, resurrecting this thread, but my first motorcycle was one of these, not sure of the exact year but I think it was 1983 and in the red colour. I found a pic online (below). I rode that thing everywhere rain, hail or shine.
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