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Suzuki GSX250F idling issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ryan1993, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. So purchased GSX250F for a project bike, removed the bowls off the carbys and soaked the carbys in fuel and air compressed the jets out. Did not remove the slides and needles cause we found the choke cable jammed. But the problem we are having is, we got the bike idling nice whilst on the side stand but once you sit on the bike and put the bike upright, it increases its revs a fair bit. We have tried what we think it could be but not sure. Does the carby need a proper clear, pull it right apart or is it an electrical issue? The air box is still off, would that be a factor?

  2. choke cable pulling chokes open when the bars are turned?
  3. Ahhh thats possible seeing as one of the chokes and spring was jammed before we cleaned the carby ouy
  4. I assume the choke is now fixed? Otherwise this will affect things.

    The airbox off could affect mix but can't see that altering from leaned to upright.

    Have you got enough slack in the throttle cables? Don't suppose that you are turning the bars when you sit up and if there isn't enough slack that will cause the cable to pull effectively winding on throttle.

    Do revs drop off again when you put bike back on sidestand? If not it may be more to do with warming up and only coincidence that it started to increase in revs about when you sat on it?
  5. Could be an issue with the floats/needles/fuel heights in the carb bowls, when you stand the bike upright one carb could be leaning out. Check the floats are not binding and the float heights are correct and the float needles/seats are not damaged or obstructed.
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  6. Yes the jammed choke is fixed.

    Haven't really checked the length of throttle cable but im sure it still does it in the upright position even with the bars still turned to the left, will have to double check. Yes the revs drop when the bike is back on the side stand. Warm or cold makes no difference.

    Being the fact im sure it revs higher with the handle still turned makes me think its the carby.
  7. The revs increase when the bike is put upright regardless of where the bars are so I think it will be time to do a carby clean.

    Also, as pictured in the red circle, these plugs get quiet warm. Not to the point of burning yourself but at the moment the bike as no seat on it and when you sit on it, your leg gets quite warm/hot from them. Believe they go down to the starter motor, is this normal or what?