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Suzuki GSX250F Across

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by JCL, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I have done a bit of a search already but couldnt find anything specific about it so I thought Id post one of my own.

    Ive ridden dirt bikes in my past and at 24 are moving into the road 2 wheel variety after forking out way too much on fuel for the car.

    I had pretty much decided on my bikes, the same old as everyone else starting on the 250's -VTR, CBR, ZXR etc etc. I have a friend who owns a ZXR and likes it but after doing some research I noticed the Suzuki Across has the same HP as the FZR, CBR and ZXR which are obviously the popular choice among L platers.

    Just wanted to know what people thought of them. I have always thought of them as a bit daggy but Ill be riding it mainly in the city and meeting up with my mate every month for a ride through Mt Dandenong or something similar. Does the 45 HP of the Suzuki actually compare at all with the sportier bikes? From what I can see it is a more upright riding position on the Across but would it be suitable for a little fun every now and again. They are sooo much cheaper I cant help but be interested..

    Any info would be great......
  2. was my first bike and i freakin loved it. its not so powerful as to scare the crap out of you while you are learning the way of the bike, but still manages to get you off the lights quick enough to be at the front of the que. and as much as people take the piss out of the "man-bag," that false tank is freakin great! when i went riding, id just chuck my housekeys, wallet, phone, camera.. whatever in there and also had my wet weather gear in there and away you go..
    if you get one, and people realise how handy it is, you'll understand why its called the man bag.

    honestly, it was a great learner bike, and would be happy to reccommend a new rider to get on one and give it a go.
  3. I've got one. Man-bag is great. Better than cross dressing your bike with a tank-bag.
  4. I just sold the wifes Across. It was a great reliable little bike and the tank storage is a great idea as you can fit heaps in there. I had a ZZR 250 as my first bike because in 95 the Across was just to dear. I think that the ZZR is a better bike though as it is easier to ride as you do not have to keep the revs up.
  5. The across is much better value than the CBR250RR or the ZXR250, people must think those are gold plated or something.

    Its a little slower cos its a bigger bike and has 1500-2000 rpm less to play with. The power delivery is linear so no surprises for the less experienced.
    It'll keep up with the other 250s cos the road limit will be more restricting than having a poofteenth less HP.

    The seat is not as comfy as some 250s (its probably the biggest downfall of the Across). The ZZR seat feals like an armchair by comparison.

    No other bike in your range will have comparable storage of the Across. The across loses a bit of fuel capacity as a trade off (the next biggest downfall) but if you're doing short-medium commutes then you shouldn't have any probs.

    I'm trying to be brutally honest here. Don't let those downfalls turn you off an otherwise excellent bike. Its easy to carry an extra 5L of fuel in the trunk if you need it and you can get the seat bolstered or a sheepskin cover.

    I'm on my 2nd Across and love it. :grin:
    PM me if you have any questions that require more detail.

    ***Noticed in your other thread that you commute 10km each way. You won't notice seat getting uncomfortable unless riding a few hrs. You'll probably fill up once a week at the orange warning light and it'll cost you about $12 (very similar to my situation) but you could nearly ride 2 weeks before running dry.