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Suzuki gsx250f across

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sjk_u_u, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. ive been doing alot of research and looking at ads to find my first bike and came across suzuki gsx250f across. the model is 1998 has done 32K, new front tyre and battery, colour is black and purple look good, good condition 6 month rego and regularly serviced. the price is $4300.
    my questions are
    1. is this a good relieable bike for learners?
    2. do you think its a good buy?
    3. whats good and bad thing about this bike?
    thanks for helping out
    4. what sort of insurance is recommended for the bike and my self and how much are they?
    goddamit i can wait to own my own baby. thanks

  2. :LOL: :LOL: coming across an across :LOL: :LOL:

    {not having a go at you, pal, it's just that on this forum we always come across Across jokes. :grin: }
  3. Use the Search Function, this has been answered many times before.


    (PS > They are a great bike. Have one, love it and pitty I have to upgrade.....)

    G'day sjk_u_u

    You'll find a lot here have got, or had an across as a first bike, not many that have or still own one have much bad to say about them.

    Assuming regular servicing (Oil, Filter, air cleaner, plugs and chain etc) it will be a bloody reliable beast, 90,000k's is not unheard of for these machines.

    Then again, any 250 should last your learner miles if you look after it.

    IMHO 32K is on the higher side of average, esp for the later model (is it a real 98, or is that the date of compliance in OZ?)
    I sold my black with purple stripe '91 (OZ complianced in 2000) earlier this year with 37k on the clock.

    But 32 is nothing IF LOOKED AFTER, and 4,300 is about the average for a LOOKED AFTER BIKE (check www.redbook.com.au for an idea)

    That bike.. dunno, haven't seen it :p
    But acrosses in general.. Good is the "false tank" aka "manbag" bloody handy! Good is the near bullet proof and easily serviced engine.
    Good is easy to get parts. Good is the handling, very benign for a learner, and doesn't "bite you" if you push it.
    Not too good is the tank size, only 12 litres, and being a heavy 250, mileage can be low, I got 220k to a tank, others get 180 or less.

    Looks are a personal thing, but the across style is dated, and very "boxy", but hey, there's worse bikes around :wink:

    Thats too hard to answer, ring or email the various companies and shop around, there's a couple of links on these pages.

    In the end, you have to live with the bike, if YOU think its a good deal, and YOU like it, then YOUR happy and that's all that matters eh.

    Have fun

    1: Yep, they are an excellent, reliable bike for learners.
    2: Obviously I haven't seen the bike, but it's probably in the ball park.
    3: Good things? Comfortable, easy to ride, good performance for a 250, look good, easy to maintain, very economical, handy storage are where tank normally is.....
    Bad things? Only thing I can think of is some complain about the small fuel capacity under the seat (12lt), but having said that because it's a nice economical bike, we get aroun 180-200kms from a tank before looking for a fuel stop (could squeeze a little more out of it, but 200kms is a good ball park range for that bike), so range isn't an issue in most places. We toured right around Tassie with one, and range was never an issue.
    4: If you can afford comprehensive insurance, get some quotes and go for it. If you are on a budget, at least get 3rd party property insurance (IMHO this should be mandatory). I use AAMI 3rd party property insurance, and it's only $88 a year.

    Good luck!

  6. I've only ever ridden one once and my overwhelming impressions of it were
    *it's really small
    *it's got no torque at low rpm
    *it doesn't make any power at high rpm either
    *it really doesn't make any power

    even if you're not the sporty rider type, at least consider getting something quicker.
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  8. i did my L's on a across loved it, great little bike , the price sounds ok
  9. For pretty much all the info you'll need about the Across, check out this forum:


    I'd agree with much of what's been posted above. They don't have a lot of torque down low, so you do have to rev 'em. They've got enough power for a learner bike or commuter though. And they handle well, so you can have fun in the twisties without killing yourself. :)

    I don't agree that the Across is especially small for a 250. In fact, it's one of the larger 250's around, and if you get one you'll be quite comfortable riding a bigger bike later on - its size and weight shouldn't faze you much.
  10. Hey Talius for a 250 (omitting the 2 strokers ie RS250, RGV250 etc) they are quite decent performing and comparable in performance to a CBR250.

    I thought you guys weren't limited to 250 down there under LAMs scheme can get bike up to 600cc depending on their performance to weight ratio. With saying that though, i have my unrestricted licence but purchased a 250 as it is my first bike thus wanted more experience before jumping on a larger bike.

    Specifications of honda CBR250 ;
    4 cylinder inline 4 stroke DOHC 4 valve per cyclinder
    Power: 40hp (29.8kW) @14500 RPM
    Torque: 23.9Nm @ 11,500 RPM

    Specification of Suzuki Across
    4 cylinder inline 4 stroke DOHC 4 valve per cyclinder
    Power: 45hp (33kW) @14,500 RPM
    Torque: 25.5Nm @ 10,500 RPM

    For further info on the Across check some of these sites.

    And use this one for specific Across technical help, guys on here a great with tech stuff and very helpful
  11. If you have ever ridden both back to back you will realise that those figures are bollocks, in reality it is a different story altogether.
    An Across has 2 carburettors compared to the CBR's 4 which means that the Across feels ashmatic and sluggish in comparison to the Honda.
    Don't get me wrong, they are a nice little learner bike, however they just aren't in the same league as a good CBR250RR.
  12. Roy G BIV,

    I didn't say they were on par, but was trying to give some comparible figures. Maybe a comparison with a GPX may have been better, the only indication I was trying to give was it was not the supper slouch inidcated.
    I wasn't saying the performance was identical just an indication.

    Whether rider or bike, the Across cannot be too far behind the CBR unless the other rider was crap at taking off, but I sill managed to take him from standing stop at a set of lights a couple weeks ago.
  13. You don't HAVE to upgrade you silly bugger.
  14. Of course he does. Don't you know that if you ride a 250 after your restrictions end your balls fall off :wink: :LOL: .
  15. a: It's not small...in fact they're one of the larger 250's.

    b: You're right, they don't have alot of torque down low, and like to be ridden high in the rev range.

    c: Regarding having no power up high? Rubbish! :roll: By 250 four stroke standards they're quite a mover when ridden in the higher portion of the rev range. Having ridden many different 250s, they compare very well to the other sports/touring four stroke 250's. The racy 2 strokes are a different story, but when comparing apples with apples, the Across fairs very nicely.

    Tailus, if you don't like Acrosses, that's fine. But this guy is looking to buy a new bike, and is after accurate information, not inaccurate opinionated dribble.
  16. I've had the opportunity to ride a couple 2fiddys and you can't go wrong with an Across -> I've got one as proof :)

    Sure you may get some stick about the boot but it's so useful after a while you'll wonder how you can ride another bike without one. Some other riders also say that "it's annoying" to see a fuel light turn on but this feature is an enormous help and is very accurate.

    The only slight disadvantage is the 0.5-1.0lt smaller fuel tank compared to some bikes.

    As long as you don't drop the bike the Across has very good resell when you want to upgrade.

    I'm not sure if the Across is the only 2fiddy you've got on Tailus but compared to other 2fiddys and compared to a CBR the Across is on the larger end.

    Down low it isn't as responsive as a CBR so it likes to be high revved

    You're just wrong here.

    As above.
  17. I wasn't saying the across is small compared to other 250s, i just said it's small. A CBRrrrrrrr is really small too. (albeit i'm a lanky 6'3" bastard :p)

    as roy g says, the specification is all lies.

    My gs500 is what i'd call quick enough to be entertaining but certainly nothing special. It's a bare minimum of power imho.

    I've ridden with a mate on his healthy fzr and they're about neck and neck, the gs naturally having a little more torque, the fz slightly more at it's rpm peak but that's about it.

    I've ridden that fzr, my gs and an across back to back. Keep the fzr under 10grand and they're about equal power, keep the gs under 5grand and the same is true. The across felt like it had barely half the power of the other bikes.

    feel free to bring your '45hp' across out and race your mates who have fzcbrrrrs and you'll see what i mean.
  18. Bull Dung :p

    Across has 4 carbies, each pair SHARE a common body/bowl, they look like 2 dual throats, but ar in fact 4 carbies

    On the track (ride days and adv courses) the Across is beaten by most "sport" 250's off the line, (mainly weight caused) but around the entire track they're at least on par. You have to keep the revs above 8,000 and around 10,000 prefferably, then they sing, I'm not a great rider at all, and I can hassle bigger capacity bikes around the corners easily on an across (only to see them shoot away on the straights)

    Added to the fact that we're talking about a bike to LEARN on here, not race, the Across is a better bike IMHO, more akin to the larger bikes in feel, something anecdotaly proven by the sheer number of the beasts around, they'd be sceond only to the venerable CB250, the undoubted king of 250 bikes world wide.

    ALL 250's (excepting 2 stroke screamers) are low powered asthmatic beasts, 2 or three PS, Kw, wotever makes F-All difference.

    IMHO the "buklkier" Across helps the transition to bigger (600-650) bikes easier.

  19. Comparing your GS500 to an Across is just silly :roll: I might as well say your GS500 has no torque, and no power up high, or no power anywhere just because my GSX750F is better in all regards. Similarly, you could compare my GSX750F to an R1/GSXR1000/insert name of superbike here and come to the same conclusions.

    Compare an Across to a ZZR250, a GPX250,...etc etc etc

    Apples compared to apples, the Across is a great performing, economical, practical and comfortable 250.

    That's coming from someone who's owned one, and ridden many other 250's. Not someone who has:

  20. I was using the comparison to demonstrate that the specified '45hp' of an across is probably more like half that.

    An fzrrr/cbrrr/zx2r/etc.rr250 is just as quick as the 500.
    Given it's spec, as so should be the across.
    It isn't even close.

    My original opinion was that anything this much slower than a cbr250 etc isn't slow relative to other bikes, it's just outright slow.