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Suzuki GSX250F Across

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Stormtrooper, Oct 4, 2011.

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  1. SOLD!!

    After a brief stint as a rider, my wife has decided she'd prefer being pillion - something about seeing the scenery.... couldn't quite catch it as I was looking for the next corner...

    So, her little Across is up for sale.

    For those that have ridden them, you know its a fun bike and the man bag is a great feature.

    For those that haven't, these bikes were designed to compete with the original CBR250RR in the high revving stakes (and doesn't do a bad job I gotta say!) only they're more comfortable and more useful. Where the fuel tank normally sits you've got a glovebox instead that can fit a full face helmet or 3/4 of a case of beer (or your KFC on the way home...).

    The details are:
    1999 Suzuki Across
    Registered till Aug 2012
    Just over 11,000 genuine kms
    Tyres are around 70%

    Bike is in excellent condition, with a few marks on the left hand fairing and exhaust pipe - these are from the previous owner.

    These are a great bike to learn on, and I can honestly say I can ride this bike faster through winding roads than my TDM. It does need revs to get the most out of it, but once you're up over 8,000 it sounds sweet (redline is a measly 16,500....)

    Asking 3.2k with RWC.

    (Photos to be posted shortly!)

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  2. Whats ur location? Looking for a learner bike for my girlfriend...
  3. Sorry - should have added that. I'm in Bendigo, but happy to go for a ride if it helps.

  4. And the scratches are here:

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  5. Good luck with the sale, great bikes indeed. Have one myself and has been a reliable commuting steed. By the way, scratch locations are similar to mine!
  6. 11000 is all! it's bloody new!!!

    Love these little things...

    Someone get yourself a great buy!
  7. Almost sold! (just arranging details)
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