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Suzuki GSX250f (Across) VS. Honda Spada Vs. Honda CB400SF

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Akuma1989, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Ok so my local Peter Steven's has 3 models as mentioned in the title.

    Im buying my first bike, just got my learners last week.

    I have researched all 3 models as much as i can and can bloody PICK 1! haha

    Ok the Spada is $3,490. The Across is $4,490 And the CB is $7,490.

    I like the more agressive (slouched) racer riding position. but if its not going to be a good deal then i dont care.

    I simply want to know which 1 is the best value for money.

    The spada is a 1989 (as old as me!...) The Across is 1996. and the CB is 2003.

    so what is the best value for money?

    I know that i need to test them all and find the one i like (on the forums every1 says that). but i dont care which one i like the best ill have it for 15 months and upgrade. i just want what will resale well, be reliable, is a good deal, and thats it. i know that i can obviously haggle them down by at least 500-1000. well with my negotiation skills anyway.

    Thanks guys. I cant wait to get a bike... but yeah like i said... i need a great deal. coz i still need the leathers and helmet,, gloves and boots.
  2. not bad yourself, fine thanks for asking

    id go the CB if your not mechanicaly minded, they are bullet proof, bonus also its a 400, you will get sick of the 250's very quick
  3. If youre around 5'8 or shorter than the across is a really good pick. The engine is reliable and has a large storage space. If you want one you could do better than $4490 though.

    I think youll be rather sick of most LAMS bikes soon enough anyways. Go for the cheaper bikes and save the remainder cash for the upgrade in 15 months. The across should hold its value well too when it comes to the resale.

  4. People who ride will look at u funny if you get an across, its not a lean forward angle

    Spada is too old, is an upright ride position also, but a great bike if it wasnt getting old. My bros gf has a spada it leaks coolant btw.BUT it might be the best at resale. In the last 6 months i bought an across for $200 and sold my VTR (virtually a spada) for $1800

    Go the Honda!

    I did 100,000 on my Honda, theyre reliable as!

    With 400cc you might not need to go to 600cc when upgrade. i..e go to litre!!

    Vote for CB!
  5. The Across. No ifs, no buts.
  6. Id say go for the across they are a good little bike! However i reckon if you check out bikesales and ebay etc... you could probably get a lot better deal for one
  7. Lol this thread is funny,
    u will loose 2k on the accross
    1k on the spada and NFI how much the cb depreciates.

    Lol dont buy the accross its way overpriced u can pick them up for 2-3k easy in great nick. Spada is good if u can get it for 3k

    CB400 is great bike but i never sold or bough one so i got no idea price wise.
  8. I am a beginner and I picked up an '98 across 3 wks ago for $2600... i would say ur across is overpriced, but if you can find a better deal, I think across is convenient... as mentioned... it's not a very sporty riding position, it's more upright.... seat's low and comfy.... but across does suck up a bit of juice... u'll get 100km from using 6L
  9. Hey Guys,

    Sorry for not introducing myself, Im rob (and im an alcoholic! ;)), 20, From SE suburbs of Melb. and i got my learners last week.

    Yeah i thought that the across is way over priced. I had a look at bikesales.com.au bike validations and it says they should be around 2k. so ill work that in when i go to the dealer.

    6l/100km! DAM! thats high.... the cb is like 5.

    oh and btw im 5"10' and 85kgs.

    So none are sporty positions?... dam. the way i was thinking was that its hard to match helmet, leathers, and bike. so thats why i wanted to get it all at the dealer. plus i get a 6 month warrenty. and i dont want black leathers coz i want atleast a chance of people seeing me on the road.

    I was going to get a ZXR250 but the only thing is i dont really have the cash for the all the suprise problems they have (well more so, if something goes wrong its REALLY expensive)... so yeah
  10. mate if u have the cash to spend, find yourself a suzuki gs500 or gs500f if u like fairing, resale value is 2nd to none, u can throw it off a cliff and it will still run, good power for a learner and not a bad looking bike even though i hate spewzukies


  11. Just a food for thought. Two years ago i bought a spada for 3600 and kept it for 12+ months and sold it also at 3600.
  12. It is a nice bike though. Bit small for me, but not too bad. And that does make catching it a lot easier (which is handy while one is a learner).
  13. I quite like my little Spada. To be honest I'd rather a GSXR600 and indeed I'd have one had I not listened to the last two girlfriends who said "No, I don't like bikes, I'm glad you blew the Spada up, don't get another" and as such, I let my licence expire and am back on my learners...
    Anyway, Spada, a good fun little bike but just be aware it's not fast. They handle damn nicely, the little vee twin sounds great but while you're riding it, try and avoid going for rides with R6s and the like, you'll be left for dust as soon as there's a straight.
  14. speed wise, how would a spada compare to a gt250r? serious question...
  15. I've ran my spud up against my gf's brothers hyo GT250r. My take off was bogged down a bit (newbie at low revs) but once over 7-8k pretty much dead even match. I couldn't tell you how fast we got too as I wasn't looking but the torquier start of the hyo was matched by the longer gears of the Spada when he was changing. I've ridden both and say my bike feels a tad quicker (zippier) purely because its lighter. I've read the spud is good for 150-60km/h. Not sure what the Hyo does.

    edit: Back on the OP, I love my Spada I can't comment on the others but I can tell you about mine. I know it's only a learners so I'm not looking for great performance. It handles great (from my learning experience), has the best of both worlds (v-twin torque but able to rev up to 13-14k for a bit of go) engine wise. Sure if you want better performance in a 250 you could fork out ridiculous amounts for a cbr250rr or even more ridiculous price rvf400's but just wait for your full license and get a 600 for not much more money. Fuel wise, I get about 180km before reserve (I found that out the hard way - Damn small 11 tank incl. reserve) and generally even when I have run to nearly completely empty (20-30km past reserve point) I'v only been able to fill it up to about 9.5 litres. So conservative estimate of 10L/200km (5L/100km). Keep in mind that's mainly freeway riding (90-100km/h ~ 10k rpm I think - can't remember) so its revving pretty high.

    I've had mine for about 8 months now and has been pretty much faultless. It doews have a rattle at idle but have spoken to the mechanic and he said to get the engine out of the bike and opened up would be greater than $1,000. A replace engine around $2-3K which is more than the bikes worht so I haven't bothered. The rattle hasn't given me any trouble thus far apart from the noise and looks you get from people. Some even came up and go "does she have oil in her mate?" :D. I bought it with 57,000 kms on the clock and not sure wether it has been run right round, but I don't think so as it was imported from Japan in 2001.

    I paid $2,500 with 12mth rego, just been serviced (by himself, so he said) and new tires (albeit Dunlop arrowstax) and I'm not entirely too worried about resale for that price. I probably could have haggled maybe closer to $2000, but I'd travelled a decent way to see it and he said there was a guy looking at it in the arvo so I just said a price that got me bike and I was still happy with. Insurance wise, I just have 3rd party but I've attached a quote for TPFT. Im roughly your age (23) and realised with excesses it just wasn't worth it considering the price of the bike.


    We are pleased to confirm the following quotation as requested from motorcycle-insurance.com.au.

    MOTORCYCLE: 89 Honda VT250

    COVER TYPE: Legal liability Fire and Theft


    AGE EXCESS: $500

    SUM INSURED: Agreed Value $2500

    Please note that this is an indicative quote and acceptance is based on our standard underwriting guidelines.

    Monthly premiums are provided via Victory Funding Pty Ltd.

    ANNUAL PREMIUM: $474.00
    MONTHLY PREMIUM: $47.40 plus $25 Administration Fee (1st Month)

    QUOTE NUMBER: 548042

    QUOTE EXPIRY DATE: 01.08.09

    Anyway, sorry about the massive write up, but I know I appreciated all the little bits of info I got off this site. Hope some of it helps.
  16. Agreed that the Across is overpriced, but as I would willingly sell my house and all its contents in order to avoid owning a Honda ever again, I'd consider that no major disadvantage.
  17. I agree with Goz, I got a 500f and it will see me quite a few years
  18. CB400 with out a doubt.
  19. Hey Pat, not doubting your statement, but if its not too long tell, could you tell me your Honda experiences? I ask only for my own interest and maybe things to look out for. I don't mean to hijack the thread too 8-[
  20. everyone pitch in a few bucks and we can give this man a ct110 free of charge. I got first dibs on his house.