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Suzuki GSX250F Across, Views and Reviews.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by recentrider, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    Im currently looking at a Suzuki Across 250 and was wanting a few views on the bike: Pros and Cons and reviews.
    Whatever your view is chuck it in because it all helps.

  2. I love mine, gotta rev it hard tho to get it going. But the boot thingy is so handy, I store my wet gear and an other visor in it plus my lunch for work. No need for a back pack.
    The ride is great yet I can only compare to my crappy 125 dirt bike. So I can help much as far as handling and power, but it seems good.
  3. The "Manbag" is a pretty good bike but fuel range is shorter than most other 2 fiddys due to the boot taking up the room.
  4. Had a 1990 grey import one for about 6 months (first 10,000ks of riding) before it got written off. Not a day goes by that I don't wish I still had it :cry:

    Manbag - so so useful
    Slightly larger then some of the other 250s (in size)

    As V8cressida said they have lower fuel range compared to other 250s (I never got more then 140ks to a tank). However I don't think it has much to do with their tank size (12L from memory) as its not dramatically smaller then other 250's.

    In comparison to my current bike (1998 gpx250) it had slightly more acceleration and handling was a little better. Seating position was more aggressive then a gpx which may or may not be a good thing depending on what you prefer. Mind you these are the only two bikes Ive really ridden.

    Hope that helps
  5. Manbag -- apparently can hold 34 cans of beer. It's for storing helmets in the first place, so there's peace of mind knowing your helmet is out of sight, not just looped by the D-rings on hooks under your seat at the peril of theft-by-slicing.

    2 extra helmet hooks under seat -- if you don't mind the risk. Was handy at Superbikes for multiple helmet action.

    Mileage -- 200 km on reserve out of mine in city traffic with 20km to spare. With touring, add 20 to 30km.

    Power -- mine doesn't have quite the grunt of other Acrosses, has to do with where the engine was manufactured, will check up on that. There's still enough to get you out of sticky situations, cut through strong winds on the bolte, bolt away at the lights.

    Maneuvrability - VERY fun to throw around at low-speed carpark sessions.

    Rev factor -- It screams at low revs. Annoying for the neighbours. One of them once ran out of his house while I trundled down the shared driveway at 5-10 km/h, yelling that speeding wasn't allowed there. He thought I was screaming off at 40 or 50.

    Looks -- It looks a lot bigger than it is. Deceives a lot of non-riders. It's like the bike version of silicone implants.

    Parts prices -- Pretty standard. Don't get aftermarket parts, except for clutch brake and gear levers.

    Horn -- meeps like Beaker from the Muppets. Not cool. [​IMG]

    In all, it's a very hardy machine. I've done a lot more to it than it deserves, but it still keeps chugging away fine.

    Honestly, I see it as a transition bike, a good Ls/Ps bike. I will sorely miss the storage, but who knows, I may just return to it.
  6. Ahhh we all love to gloat about our bikes. 90% of the people on here will tell you the bike theyre currently on is the best thing since sliced bread, but ill try and give you an honest right up. When i was looking for bikes i could only find one review out there, having said that ive only had mine a month so theyres still a bit to work out.


    -its a 250 4pot. so you have to rev it a bit, but its pretty willing and with 45hp is eye to eye with the race replicars and has plenty to get you out in front of traffic or out of trouble if your keep it in the right gear


    -Seems ok, smooth cept for a satifying little clunk into first. i seem to have a few little issues with gear changes, but i think thats more technique and it might need an oil change soon. Also this gearbox is alot shorter than the RR's and tops out at about 160km/h despite the similar power.


    -i wouldnt say soft its verry comfortable for cruising around and taking corners and bumps. however when pushed hard around the twisties is a little soft, but more livable than the RR's


    -Seem fine for what the bike is

    Faring/wind protection

    -whilst it is a full faring bike the screen is cut out and low and it dosent have much leg protection (not as much as a zzr for example) but is still plent adequate unless you plan to be doing alot of touring which i wouldnt recoment on any 250

    --Very good looking bike, and to non riders looks bigger than a 250. best colour schemes are the 93 grey and 94 red. appart from that they look much better with aftermarket jobs without those stupid stickers

    --manbag of course. awesome design and its extreemley suprising more bikes havent adopted it. fits everything from bottles of wine (had a few in there last night) to helmet tools ect ect ect


    -- 12l fuel tank. but i tend to fill up after about 130 or so and thats usualy only 8litres, so make friends with ur petrol station, but i dont find that too much of an inconvenience

    --bigger than other bikes but still made for japs. im about 6'2 and the bike is a bit too small for me, but thats something im willing to put up with


    -- Although i cant wait to upgrade to a bigger more powerfull bike. i must admit that this would be my choice again if i had to buy another 250. its extremley practical, comfortable (for a 250, bar the hyosungs), handles verry well at normal riding speeds, well layed out instuments and controlls (tacho and 2stage fuel lights a plus). Most of all it has a bit of an x-factor. everyone i talk to is extremely impressed by it. theyre a well put together bike and were around $8000 in 1994, which explanes the long list of options.

    ive only riden cb250s, zzr 250s, gt250 and 250 dirt bikes. but i must say i personally prefer the feel of riding it over the zzr (better handling and seating position for mine) which is its only real competition out of the other bikes ive ridden

    Anyway theres my 50cents. probably couldve written alot better review but working atm and doing this adhoc. (i might write up a proper one after ive had more time on the bike)

  7. My first one got stolen so I bought another cos they are a nice compromise of sporty, practical & value.

    a very good example is around 4000-4500 compared to CBR and ZXR at 5500 for being a poofteenth faster.
  8. Buy one... my fav 250 for non racing purposes.
  9. Mine up for sale if your interested.
    Its listed on net rider and Bikesales.com.au
  10. Link Below is a decent summary of the across

    another useful website

    My Review


    Requires you to be in the correct gear and floating around the 10k+ rpm to get the most amount of power, has a fair amount of engine breaking too.


    Little clunky and mine has the tendency every now and then to slip into neutral between 1st -> 2nd if your not heavy enough on the shift. but from 2nd onwards it's fine.


    - my front end was a little too soft, but that was mainly due to incorrect oil being used in the front forks (i'm pretty sure it wasn't the factor standard), plus they can be adjusted to suit your style and type of riding. I got a thicker oil put into the front to create a harder setting


    - I think they aren't that spectacular, but then i've only ever riden my across and a CB250

    - Nothing to add that slickncghia hasn't already meantioned


    -- Once again agree with slickncghia
  11. i think it is an awesome bike for learners... looks the goods as well.... goes ok not rocket fast... its larger than other 250s... looks similar size to my mates R6.... good tank for carrying spare visors .. for sunny days and shorts and singlets for basketball etc... LOL

    I am looking to sell mine very soon though... Im after a more race purposed bike.. so pm me if anyone wants to view the bike.. :p