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Suzuki gsx250f across motor rattle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BradHidding, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Hi all, recently picked up a 1997 Across, bike overall is in excellent nick and i primarily bought it for parts. Problem is though that it is better than my original bike. Lol.
    It has a Couple of issues.......
    A, idles beautifully but with kickstand up and clutch all the way in. I drop it into first and bike lurches a little a dies immediately.


    It has this rattle. Is it connected to the first problem? Ie clutch needing adjusting?

  2. I think two separate issues.
    The clutch cable may need adjusting or the clutch plates are binding, if so.an oil change may be enough without having to pull out and clean up or replace the plates. If the bike sat for ages or the oil looks a bit old and black i'd try changing it first.
    As for the rattle, I suspect the cam chain tensioner is unwell, but not 100% on that from video, playing with across mechanicals is a distant memory.
  3. Great. How to check for a binding clutch?
  4. If it has a centre stand get the rear wheel off the ground and kick it into first with the clutch in. If the rear wheel goes round then the clutch is probably binding. Simple things first though, change the oil and filter. Adjust the clutch cable.
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  5. Up on stands with rear wheel free. Kicked it over. Rear wheel spins slowly in neutral. Increased revs and rear spun faster. Dropped it into gear and it spun the rear very quick and stalled out.

    2nd issue: Oil change happening now.
  6. if it is clutch basket rattle, it might sound like this
    two halves of clutch basket rattlign around. yours is abotu the right frequency, but the pitch is more tappy than knock? or just the recording

    if the noise goes away when stationary, with clutch pulled in and in gear, then clutch related (just pulling clutch in may not disengage it, especially just after starting.. stiction etc)

    stall in gear with kickstand up, check your switches

    another way to check for loose clutch basket springs/dampers.
    engine off, rear wheel off ground, in gear. rotate rear wheel back and forth, if there is a lot of backlash at front sprocket, and a knocking sound from clutch... that's where it is loose
  7. Awesome. Will try that tomorrow.

    The noise doesn't go away with clutch in or out.
    Thinking it may even be a snapped clutch cable.