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Suzuki GSX1400 or Yamaha XJR1300 or Kawasaki ZRZ1200?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mauser, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I wanna get a new big naked bike and are looking into these 3 bikes. Ive never ridden any of these nor do I know anyone personally whose ridden one, so any advice on the pro's and con's between these bikes would be greatly appreciated.



  2. I personally love the XJR, and if I had the cash I'd be on one now.

    I find the gsx1400 similar looking to it, and it is a great looking bike.

    I have ridden the xjr, and found it comfortable, though it was only a short lap. I am sure the others will be in shortly. There are quite a few GSX owners, and zr1200 owners.
  3. The GSX was the pick of the bunch for me. It has the most torque out of this lot, and torque is what this class is all about. The ZRX has a bit more power though when you let the revs climb. The ZRX feels a little sportier and tends to entice you to be a bit more of a hoolagan. I don't go for the styling of the ZRX though. Don't know too much about the XJR other than they do look good.

    Just give them all a test ride and pick the one that fits you the best. They're all good bikes :grin:
  4. Love the GSX mate,
    Retro styling with modern technology, more torque than you can poke a stick at, very comfortable and easy to ride distances, plays nicely in the twisties when you want to, silky smooth six speed box as opposed to the others of this ilk with only five.... \:D/
    Liked the look of the XJR but out of date mechanicals...the Zed just looks too old fashioned for my liking.
    As said, it all comes down to personal preference, go ride them all.

  5. Rogues, love your bike. If you ever want to sell give me a holler - seriously!
  6. Whats wrong with the naked Bandit 1250?
  7. Nothing I suppose.....just doesnt do it for me TW (as I said, each to their own)..........if I was to have one of them Id prefer your S with ABS. :grin:

    See Suzuki is giving away a dual rider Autocom kit with a purchase of most nakeds at the moment

  8. If it’s any conciliation, I’d have a 14 as well in a heart beat. :)
  9. if you can find a new Zrx then you are doing damn well...im pretty sure they are all gone or as good as

    id have them all honestly.
  10. Last year for the GSX as well.

    Am also a retro fan. Only ridden the XJR and was a few years ago, but loved it :cool:

    Mate has the ZRX and as carbed, woeful range - he's stopping every 180kms max :(
  11. Thanks guys, might go the GSX1400. Mind you, the others look good.
  12. Buy more guns instead.
  13. I've owned the ZRX1200R, owned a couple of Bandit 1200's and ridden the GSX1400 and the XJR1300.

    The ZRX1200R is the sportiest with the best top end power and the best smooth road handling (I'm not sure you can buy these new now).

    The GSX1400 has the most torque and the most comfortable seat but it's the heaviest.

    Personally I think the XJR1300 is the best looking retro of the lot but it's also the slowest.

    Realistically either the GSX or the XJR will do what you want so buy the one that you like the look of (because these sorts of bikes are about how they look and not how they go).
  14. I have a GSX1400 for 4 and 1/2 years with 85,000km on the clock.

    I ride is reasonably hard and the shims have always been in tolerence.... no mechanical issues, compression is perfect...... Running like a charm.

    I like my bike. :grin:
  15. Sorry I do not agree with this statement. It's all about how they go for me.
  16. Also bear in mind that the GSX 1400 is now out of production. If that makes any difference to your purchasing criteria.
  17. i was gonna suggest adding the naked Bandit to the mix as well, but if you don't fancy it that's the end of that... the GSX 1400 is a train that can pull stumps, and also IMO the best looking of the bunch.
  18. Cant disagree with you there matey.........
  19. Does anyone know what the new 2009 colours of the XJR1300 will be?

  20. 5 speed Midnight Black....or 5 speed White. :p