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Suzuki gsx1250fa power loss

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by i_happen, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Hope someone here can point me in the right direction. I dropped the bike onto its left side with the engine running. No damage thankfully but ever since I've had no luck at reving the engine out under load. Top speed in second is only 85km/h and the engine misfires.
    There is also a whistle present from startup that was never there before.
    I know I'll have to check for oil in breather lines more than likely but any other suggestions would be great

  2. Check the air filter...oil may have got up the crankcase breather into the air box and contaminated the air filter.
  3. Cleared out all the breather lines. There was a tiny bit of oil in the filter box but only a stain really. Still can't accelerate above 5000rpm. She just has no go.
  4. Check plugs, leads, coils, any little things that may have been bumped when it was dropped... fuel & vacuum lines, etc.
  5. I haven't been able to find a problem but a friend of mine suggeste I leave it idle for a very long time only interrupted by the occasional blip on th throttle. I did this for half an hour and after this it ran a lot better. I can feel the power drop after 7000 but she still picks up revs. Very strange and will try this again.
  6. Did the engine remain running while on its side, or did the tip over sensor kill the engine once it got far enough over?
    Is the whisling noise there as soon as ignition switch is turned on, or while cranking only, or only after engine has started? Is the whisling noise comming from fuel tank?
    These symptoms could indicate blocked fuel pump filter. Have had a few bandits do the same thing due to dirt or water contaminated fuel. Tip over may have caused some crap in fuel tank to be sucked up by fuel pump & blocked the secondary filter. I'd recommend getting your fuel pressure tested to confirm. Pressure should hold steady at roughly 43psi, but when filter is blocked the pressure will drop dramatically when engine is revved.
    The primary 'sock' filter at the bottom of the pump can be removed, cleaned & re-used. The second filter, after the pump, in the top cap, can't really be cleaned.
    This secondary filter is not mentioned in the service manual, or described in the spare parts catalog. It is inside the top plastic cap of the fuel pump assembly and the fuel pressure regulator also plugs unto it. You need to buy the whole top cap assembly which usually includes the pressure regulator. Last one cost about $140.
  7. Looks like its the pump/filter area. Very poor flow and the pressure drops from 43PSI down to around 15PSI just from cracking the throttle while in nuetral. The pressure then takes about 10 seconds to recover from that drop. I'll be pulling the pump as soon as I can.
    I will update everyone with what I find as soon as I can.
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  8. Ok. She's all fixed. The above clean of the fuel filter screen after the pump was the fix. I forgot how much power she had. The second filter mesh had a fine black/grey silt in it and I got a lot out.
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  9. I'd be interested to know how you got the silt out without damaging the filter. I thought about trying to pump fuel backwards through that filter to clear it, but as it was a customer bike, I had to replace the plastic case assembly in order to garuntee the job.

    It is a very fine micro filter, and the worry was that any tampering with it may cause damage, allowing the silt to go through the filter to the injectors, and possibly causing injector problems later on.

    If it was my own bike i'd have a go at flushing despite knowing the risks.

    I'm also pissed at suzuki / yamaha /kawasaki for not having a cheap replaceable filter in there. BMW's & harleys have them, as do most cars. I think it is inexcuseable for them to not show these filters in manuals, or parts catalogs or to not tell the dealerships about these hidden filters, instead leaving everybody to discover it for themselves, sometimes at great expense.
  10. Commpressed air and stinking hot water over and over again. held my fingers over the outlets to ensure flow backwards through the filter. The above artical indicates some people have had to do it a few times and only realised after a few rides. Ive done 50k so far without issue. I was surprised at the amount I got out. I have seen a thread on VStrom owners punching holes in the filter and putting a swappable one down stream of it.
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  11. Ok. An update is due with this problem. Its returned a few times and its returned in shorter time frames each time. I then decided to put the filter through an ultrasonic cleaner after the usual clean and the amount of crap that came out was amazing.
    At the recommendation of a co-worker I then grabbed a magnet and the crap that came out was attracted to the magnet. I then ran the magnet (A rare earth magnet thats strong) inside the tank and got nothing. This leads me to believe its coming from the pump.
    Since using the ultrasonic cleaner the issue hasnt returned but if the source is the pump I suspect it will.
    I will keep everyone updated
  12. Ouch. A replacement fuel pump will hurt, if it comes to that. Could be a bad batch of fuel. You know how to clean the screen. If it's a continuing problem look at that thread on the Bandit forum.

    It might not be a continuing problem but the Bandit forum fix will sort it more or less permanently and at much less cost than a genuine part will. The fellow who did this is reporting 30,000 km with no further problems, where the blockage of the little filter was a continuing issue.

    I've heard (unconfirmed) that a whistling chirp upon startup just as the starter disengages when the motor starts is the starter motor. Mine (1250s) does this occasionally. I'm unconcerned.
  13. Bandit 1250 had more than few models with cactus fuel pumps, just try getting one from a wreckers. I would be curious to see if the shite in the filter, isn't related to, or coming from the slow degradation of some seal, bearing or components within the actual fuel pump itself? One of reasons I stuck with an 06 mdl:)