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Suzuki GSX-R70

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Shiftt, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. What is everyones opintions on the Suzuki GSX-R750???

  2. Awesome bike.

    On my list, which is down to 3, of new bikes for next year :wink:
  3. the only problem that i know of, which has proven to cause catastrophic failure, is that it isn't a honda! :p :p
  4. Might help if you note the year you would like opinion on.

    If it is a late model machine, this would have to be the most well engineered bike of our modern time, it has been in production for 22 years, and remains the only race rep 750.

    There are few if any issues with the later models, overall a very worthwhile and well sorted machine.
  5. Right, pretty catastrophic flaw there. Statistics show that Suzukis are more likely to be ridden by inexperienced riders pitching a tent over their newfound power, who then bin it just outside Mooney Mooney.
  6. It's a GSX-R enough said, it is awesome, it was awesome in 1985 and has been ever since!

    And as an added bonus it is not a Honda, as some people have already pointed out.
  7. Great 'cept the vibes at certain revs means your mirrors are almost useless and your arm goes dead quite a bit.

    Other than that, the K7 GSXR750 is a great bike.
  8. a 750 nucklear bomb motor in a 600 bike. Any other wishes?

    Funny, Kawasaki also have a nice 750 engine but no intentions to stick it into Ninja. I wonder why.
  9. Because it's a re-tuned (i.e less powerful) sleeved down version of Kawasaki's old sportsbike engine. It's not an equivalent to the GSX-R engine.
  10. they are a crap bike :!: :!: :!:

    untill you ride it
    then they are awsome... do yourself a favour and go test ride one and then give your review on the bike :grin:
  11. Am an unabashed Kwaka fan personally but not heard one bad thing about the GSXR 750. I sussed out the GSXF 750 for myslef the other day as considering upgrading, look great til you get to the startled rabbit headlights, enough to turn a man off bikes almost...
  12. Shift, I've got a K3 (2003) gsxr750, and it a great bike. I've had it just over twelve months done very little to it, I put braided lines on it, a yoshi pipe and got zeno to do some suspension work for me. Of the similar bikes I've had (a kwaka 6 and 9) it would be my favourite. It's great to ride and hasn't shown me any indescretions yet! Also, mine is yellow, and I'm proud of it! :LOL:
  13. ive had all the gixxers from 85 to 92 and well a hell of alotta fun :grin: i sold them all except the 87 1100 to buy my busa, but i do regret selling the 88 gsxr 750 my favorite by far .