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Suzuki GSX-R re-spray new colour

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lament, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. As the title suggests. Anyone have any recommendations? I've got an 07 Suzuki GSX-R. Bike is looking a little weathered, and looking at getting it's color completely changed to get that new bike kind of feel.

  2. I'm liking this thread already :).

    Don't do a Matt black paint job looks shit and also don't do a rattle can job either .

    I used photoshop to see what colours looked best on mine before I spent a huge amount of money doing my wheels.
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  3. Candy apple red mate.
    With black accents.
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  4. #4 German mistress, Feb 6, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2016
    . It's going to cost a couple of grand to paint it candy.
  5. He asked for ideas, nothing about budget. I gave him one.

    Personally I hate custom painted bikes. They scream out " I've been in a massive bingle and my original paint was toast.
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  6. Where are you is a starting point, I would think. I got my bike completely redone in Sydney for $800 but that doesn't help you if you're in Bundaberg...
  7. Well considering it seems you can buy a whole new set of fairings minus the gas tank for around 900$. Anything round that price that includes the gas tank and I'll be interested. Would be nice to change it to a blue colour that's not too common.
  8. ... What's that multi-coloured stuff they put on show cars? Costs a mint, but every time you move a few inches, it all changes colour... Looks sensational, on most things anyway...
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  9. You mean the Chameleon paint? That screams late 90s to me. A nice subtle pearl would look better IMO
  10. Try full chrome paint job - not sure I've seen anyone gaudy up a bike like that yet!
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  11. I went pearl white with dark grey accents and some carbon fiber bits a couple years ago, with metallic blue logo.
    If you have OEM fairings get them painted, Chinese fairings although cheap, are cheap.
  12. It's a bit confronting... Apparently this is vinyl so can be taken off

    image. image.
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  13. now that's ugly, looks like a cross between a Transformer & T1000 gone wrong.
  14. They're not the best looking bikes to start with. I'd say it's going to take a while to sell.

    I liked suzukis black & blue scheme

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  15. that's NICE
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  16. Vinyl wrap in wood panelling design ;)
  17. Somewhere, someone with too much money and a completely is constructed sense of style and taste was bound to have done it. Well done for tracking it down. Dubai or America I'm guessing
  18. Unfortunately.....

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  19. Yours for only $4999 AU

    Regents Park, QLD
  20. New bike feel? I think you actually just want a new bike ;)
    All paint will do is make you pedantic of every raindrop, scratch and stone chip

    If you decide to sell generally a slightly weathered bike will be more attractive then a resprayed bike without a good excuse.