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Suzuki GSX-R 600 k8

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hyo_duc, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. http://www.suzukimotorcycles.com.au/bikes/road/supersport/2009/gsx-r600.html

    i broke this up into different posts as it wouldnt let me do it as a whole

    Ok i found my baby by luck, and i thank the previous owner. One lady 1000 kays, and no issues at all.
    The bike was a gsx-r 600, which i believe (and all to their own) is the best looking 600cc bike on the market alongside the Yamaha R6.
    First thing i want to point out why i went for the gixxer is that it is to me the best looking as i said, but also on road where i will use it... it is the best. i will get to that latter though
    initially its lines are sweeping and edgy too, they flow well. My baby has a Yoshi R-55 exhaust which sounds a treat, nice and deep at low, nice and high at top. Not too loud at idle to annoy everyone but does they job ;) if you know what i mean.
    The bike is comfortable, i have ridden on it for over 2 hours on a long journey to and from my beach house... my back was fine, mind you i am give or take 5'11. I find all the handle extremely easy to get to. Nothing is out of reach and uncomfortable, and all buttons seems well placed.. ergonomically speaking it is the most resolved 600 supersport. Although the mode selector on the 1000 does seem like the buttons are better located. The pegs are in a perfect position which i was surprised with as i can ride with my toes on the peg to rest or heels comfortably sitting to change gear or brake. the seat seems to be at a nice height to handlebars as i don't put much weight at all on my wrists. The dash light can be changed and comes with an orange light which looks the part at night. When the bike turns on the diagnostic looks fantastic as it toggles everything. The reads themselves such as speed, modes and all are very clear and have never had any issue reading them in any weather
    The power... ok so it is a older bike with updates... it still is darn quick, it is linear but fun, it is controlled and planted, but wild of made to be. It is not as quick as an r6 on track but much better on the road, it soaks up bumps well and handles corners great, flow with the bike.. and it doesn't fight you. I thoroughly enjoy riding this bike on road as it has great mid range response, its hasn't got a crazy throttle, and being my first 600 it is user friendly which makes a great way to get in contact with learning about power and speed of bikes.

  2. the bikes 17 litre or so tank can get roughly 220 kays, and if trashing not too much less... but not bad considering its a racing engine which revs. Compared to other 600's i'm not sure on their fueling.
    My specific bike has the same tires as the updates k9 gixxer so bit more sticky which make the bike even more easier to ride. they glue well in corners and under hard acceleration don't let go of the ground unless cold.
    The suspension is well set up for road, and makes you feel confident in your riding.. not more i can say although i could make it softer for more comfort but i'm content with its setting.
    In regards to pillion comfort it is actually not bad. No t too much leg against the rear panels so scratches aren’t an issue, pegs a nicely located (for a sports bike). The seat itself is nicely padded and large enough compared to rivals. 2 helmets can be attached to the seat, and not to forget the space under the seat is relevant enough for a wheel lock, phone and wallet.
    what more can i say. The big highlights of the bike are its 2 high beams due to its headlight design, its wicked styling, the sounds from aftermarket exhaust, but engine is great too. The comfort is amazing and ergonomics are second to none. The white screams attention and pillion comfort isn’t too bad.
  3. the downsides, although not many is that there is little room to hit the dash buttons so may accidently hit the high beam or such, but very minor, I have had a rattle which I fixed I believe with aftermarket Valtermoto windscreen bolt kits. My color of the bike (limited white with minor blue) has white rims which require a frequent clean.. which I do enjoy doing.
    So if you are after a great 600 which is competitive but best on road go for a GSX-R 600, it may not be AS fun as an R6 but fun nonetheless. It’s made to beat the others on road not on track, although i can ;)
  4. id like to say to anyone who says that its not possible to power wheelie this bike is silly as i can get over a foot and half now... skill and practice... without going overboard. that's all it takes