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Suzuki GSX 250S?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MattiasL, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. I am looking for a cheap commuter that has good mechanical condition and will last a while and I found this Suzuki gsx 250s, however I can't find much information about it.
    Does anyone here now where I can get some info and if it’s a good buy and if spare parts are available?

    Suzuki GSX 250S
    Km: 40.000


  2. 1985... Good mechanical condition... Hm. How much is it?

    What sort of commuting are you doing / how much are you looking at spending / are you doing highway work?
  3. Hey,

    I'm assuming you saw the ad on Gumtree for it? I always thought the GSX-S meant it was the sweet looking Katanas but instead it doesn't seem to be anything like it.

    Others can probably tell you the heritage of these bike, whether they were reliable etc but I'll put in my two cents from buying a 1988 VT250F for a 'good price': don't do it.

    Don't get me wrong, restoring bikes is fun (I'm in the process of finding an older dual purpose to redo) but if you want to buy and ride, it is better and cheaper in the long run to go a newer/well-maintained bike. That's not me being ignorant or ignoring any monetary constraints, that's just what I've found from getting the VT250F to roadworthy status.

    New chain, sprockets, wheels and its already at $400+. Add in new brake pads, brake shoes, oil and filter, a cable or two (with the seller doing the old 'yeah the throttle looks broken but I'm sure it's fine'). Oh and don't forget that many of these older 80's bikes just don't have the support that the popular or newer bikes have ie cbr250rr has dime a dozen parts, ditto with any XR's, TT's etc. But the rarer the bike, the more of the parts have to be OEM (expensive) OR come from US/UK which is time-consuming and sucks for shipping costs.

    Yes it's an air-cooled thumper but really for that price i would save up some more and get a newer or better supported bike, especially if you want something which is mechanically reliable. Sure it hasn't done heaps of km's but 26 years in the Aussie sun make many plastics and rubber seals, intake boots etc go funky and cracked.

    If you want to just buy something and ride it, I vote for a bike that comes with RWC and preferably rego. This saves the cost of an inspection and having to fix anything up. If however you want to restore it, go ahead, I love watching people bring a bike back to its original glory!

    Hope this helps,


  4. Thanks you have pretty much answered all my questions =D>

  5. It is $800.
    I was going to commute to and from Uni a 15 km drive one way.