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suzuki gsx 250 wandering?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Phase3, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Hi guys
    bought a gsx250 for running to work and back,(during winter),never had a problem with it until,the days started warming up,and then its a
    real cow to handle,it wont ride straight,it gets like a slow snake or wander
    and the warmer the days the worst it gets (60-80kms) High speed and twisties its perfect,Its getting to the stage its too dangerous to ride,on a 20c day in 60k zone after about 30mins of riding im rooted,any ideas?
    Tyres new.pressure ok chain/sprocket almost new aligned.
    Never been on a bike thats done this,my mech does not have the time
    to test ride long enough for problem to show up and i dont want to spend the money for him to find out.Its just a commuter bike.Everyone thats
    riden it says its fine until......then they all say F@#$K ME!

    Ant help would be great.

  2. Possibly tyres worn unevenly, too much input on bars (dont deathgrip), worn steering head bearings (get front wheel in air and move from left to right lock, knockyness suggests stuffed bearings, or wheels out of alignment.
  3. thanks phizog
    but tyres are near new already checked bearings all ok.
    All can think of is i put a dodgey batch of fork oil in but i have not known
    that to cause this problem,ive had a lot of mates check it and there
    all stumped aswell
  4. If you've replaced the the fork oil (maybe try heavier weight), then there are only two other things I can think of.

    First is head bearing tension. the bearings should have some pre load. If it isn't enough the head could be expanding a little un der heat and lossening it up.

    Alternatively has it go an anti dive mechanism in the fork? Mine did. They are notorious for going wrong. Get a kit for it from Suzuki.

    The later seems more likely.
  5. Thanks ibast
    will have a look and give it a try,will let you know if your right
  6. Wandering, you say, well, maybe you need to show it some more love so it doesn't want to wander....