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Suzuki GSX 1400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by firetiger, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. At the moment I’m waiting on a couple of bikes to come out and to settle into the market... one is the new 2010 Kawasaki GTR1400, a CAN-AN Spyder RT and there was going to be a third with the VFR1200T but I have all but counted it out due to the ridiculous pricing of the VFR1200F and that of the lack of options it should have as standard...

    So im looking for a bike that will suit two up riding and touring... i think the Suzuki GSX1400 could be the winner for me at this stage.. i did consider a 1250 Bandit but they seem to be on the smaller side of things.. more of a sports bike than a sports tourer..

    Anyone have a GSX that could give me a heads up about them or know anyone that has one?

    Thanks in advance!!! :)
  2. love the gsx1400, though the new Kawa GTR1400 had me looking too. I own a 06 1400 and I use it for 600+ k day rides mainly up and down the coast to see family and friends. Two up touring will be fine but I would probably invest in a new seat I've gotten used to the stock one but its pretty bad as it forces you onto the tank alot.

    The best mod I've done for it is put on a fully electronic crusie control, well worth it. Infact I was supprised it is the one thing that seems to be missing off the new Kawa GTR1400.

    Finding suitable aftermarket items for the 1400 can be a bit of a chore since they were never sold in the US, but from the UK there are some good sources. You might find a bandit handles and holds the road better, this is something I've observed from my mates bandit.

    The GSX1400 though is a great bike with few short commings and well suited to touring for the cash. If i was buying new now though I think you would have to seriously look at the Kawa GTR1400 but they are like 10k over the GSX1400 but come with almost everything you'd need for touring.
  3. i owned my gsx 1400z special ediction for nearly a year now, i bought her new and she done 8500 ks trouble free so far
    they are no longer in production but there are still a few new ones left. 2 up is no problem
    u can add a lot of accesories ,like i just added a kaoko cruise control, radiator gaurd, sceen and givi topbox and ive learnt a lot from the blokes on this forum

  4. I originally lusted after and bought my GSX 1400 on the basis of it's abundant and lazy torque (additionally the UJM look works for me) and I will be doing my damnedest to replace it when the day comes for me to get back on a bike. My, albeit limited, time showed me that they just work in an effortless manner and while they may not be as sharp as a finely tuned crotch rocket there's definitely no short comings in the speed department. In my opinion the GSX 1400 is a simple, down to earth smile maker.
  5. Ok, thanks for the feedback and link.. i’ve lined up an 09 GSX 1400 Limited edition.. :)

    Now i can’t WAIT!!

    I’ve heard that the 22ltr tank gets a fuel range of around 250klm or a bit more.. i found that a bit odd... i could easily get over 300klm on my RocketIII and it has a 2300cc donk in it... its a 24lt tank but at around 300Ks i’d still have 2 or 3 litres left... so i was thinking that a 1400cc bike carrying 22lts of fuel would easily do 300 k’s
  6. i get easily over 300k's on my 1400 to a tank. Just keep in mind there are no 09 GSX1400's they are all k7's. The 2008 bikes were the last of the UK stock in the special edition colours, with a yoshi slip on and givi bag iirc, even they I believe have a 07 build date. Someone might correct me though.
  7. fuel milage depends on how u use the throttle, if u gunnit it will drinkit. like any big displacement engine. i only use vortex 95 premium and i did not buy this bike to worry how much fuel it uses , its still cheaper than running my commodore 6cyl on ordanary unleaded
  8. Look forward to hearing what you think Firetiger,...............I dare you not to like it....:p

    The 14 is real hardware mate, not tupperware.......... dont expect it to be a blade, R1 or the equivalent..... its a musclebike and a milemuncher with a habit of liking to play with the sporties to a fair degree........
    If you like to be able to 'grab it by the scruff of the neck' and play with the immense torque you'll be grinnin' all day, and scaring the hell out of a few sporties in the twisties......ha,ha

    It isnt a scalpel, and I give those bikes their due.......but I know which one I prefer to ride........ :woot:

    Good luck,finding a newish one............ they've got a bit of a cult following and a lot of guys that buy them, hang onto them.............. others...........[-(

    just dont realise what they've got
  9. I realy want one of these things. I stacked my bike on tuesday and am waiting for the insurance company to tell me that it is a non repairer. I have justed started my own business and will only be able to spend what my pay out will be. I also have a car for sale so if i can scrape togeter enough funds there will be a 1400 in the shed in the next few months. I have had a look on bike sales and they are holding good used values. I had the chance last year to upgrade to a new one and the price was great but a little voice inside my head said no. Glad it did as I quit my job 2 months later and put the money towards my new venture. If I can not scrape the funds together I will be buying a Bandit 1250 as they are real cheap 2nd hand. I hope I can scrape the funds together though as I loved the test ride I took on a 1400 last year. At first I thought it was a bit slow untill I looked at the speedo and saw 160. They just deliver such a huge amount in a silky smooth way.
  10. Yes, the torque can really sneak up on you without noticing... its one of the reasons i decided to go with the 1400... as my old bike was a Rocket III with 200NM of torque i thought it best i go for the GSX ;) ... the GSX only puts out 128NM (i think) but its nearly 100 KGS lighter than the Rocket :)

    The one that i have bought is an 08 Model.. not 09... as doimac was saying, the limited edition model.... around 3000 Ks on the clock ... its spotless :)

    One of the other reasons that i took the GSX over the Bandit was like oz650 was saying... they hold their value a lot better unlike the bandit... they should hold it even better now that they are out of production!!!

    And it seems bandits are like Rsoles... everyone has one... lol

    Ok, one more sleep to go!! :woot:
  11. Ok, here’s the new rig :)


    First impressions?

    Frickin awesome.. !!

    The power is so strong and silky smooth and has to be felt to be fully appreciated... it just keeps going!

    Gear changing is great and easy to get into neutral..

    A bit heavy in the front i thought but then i found the tyre pressure was only 25 psi so i bumped it up to 35 psi and is much better...

    Handles great and gives you confidence going through corners.. well balanced.. .

    Suspension is fantastic.. one of the best i’ve felt and a bit of a surprise considering its using twin shocks instead of mono on the rear... the mrs is real happy with it and says its even better than the goldwing suspension.... and thats saying something...

    I have to laugh... i read recently of a review on the 1400 which was quite extensive and one of the things that he mentioned was the bulk of the bike (although he did rave on how good the bike was)... well, its over 90 kgs lighter than the last 3 bikes that i’ve had and it feels like a toy to me LOL

    The seat... hmmm... its ok.... i mean, its good but you slide forward on it a bit (as mentioned above) and it gets a bit squishy on my abnormally endowed willie... lol

    The first thing that i will buy for her is a new Windshield... something you need when planning to do some serious miles on a bike... at 180 its nearly pulling me head off!!

    and the look of it? it screams ""classic muscle bike"" ........... and it is, i luv it :)
  12. :cry: I really really miss mine :cry:
  13. I don't. Thing was a pig to turn into corners - top heavy and no top end. I now ride a Burgman - beats any 14 (and most other bikes) through the twisties.
  14. Burgman is a scooter... right?



    i gave the 14 a quick squirt on the weekend with the mrs on the back... just a quick handfull over around 300 meters... i had to be gentle as not to lose the trouble and strife off the back ... i hit 180kph... thats fast enough for me!!

    i don't find it top heavy at all... unlike the FJR1300...

    so im just wondering if you are short in stature?
  15. he's quite tall but must have a busted hip to ride a burg its that old age :) j/k

    each there own I guess.. check out farq's blog he's certainly does some adventuring on those burgs.
  16. Until my coming together with a truck I was riding a postie bike for up to 6 hours a day so the 14 was beyond blissful as far as I was concerned. I bought it for exactly what it offered; upright ride position, stable platform and lazy torque filled performance to allow me to plod up and down the F3 MtoF and explore on the weekends. As for it lacking top end I really don't want anything more than the 14 had, everything I've read lists it's curves peaking in the 5K rpm range and I barely got it up to 4k in the short time I had mine. Plenty I say, plenty.
  17. Aahh the long skinny streak of pelican poo still comes to Bathurst with us for the 14 rally........we even let him sit with us, LOL

    Gazza, wot you doing here trolling around puttin' shit on the 14....?? I shoulda paid those bastids more in Russia to keep you.............ha,ha
  18. Exactly jester.... you buy a bike for your needs... and i need one of these at the moment until i decide whether to get a GTR or RT Spyder next year...

    But with this bike... i got far more than i expected... its a shit hot grunty bike that handles well that we’ll take on tour through this year... i’ve already added a towbar ..... :)


    But i have to laugh at “scooter” riders... i don’t mind them sharing the road with the real riders out there ;) ... i think the bigger ones, 500 to 600, could be used for good long distance touring...

    But here’s the thing... “Scooter” riders have this attitude...when they ride in a group of “normal” bikes its like they are always trying to prove something... they are always “trying” to get in front of other riders or beat them through a corner... and then later on they’ll say... hey, me and my “scooter” beat you through such and such a corner... or hey... when you sped up me and my “scoter” kept up with you... i have a mate how is a “scooter” rider... i know i know... the shame of it all... but he’s exactly like i was saying above... we went on a charity toy run at xmas and everyone was just cruising along.. at some stages the boys gave the bikes a bit of a handful... but when the ride was over he’s all like... oh, when we sped up on such and such a road i kept up with that Kawasaki etc... but heres the Kawasaki rider who is oblivious that he’s in some sort of race with the “scooter” rider... :LOL: ... he’s just cruising along minding his own business... :rofl:

    but also with my mate... he's always looking at "real" bikes... i would mind this one and i wouldnt mind that one etc etc ... so you will find that with "scooter" riders... there's a real bike rider inside just busting to get out!!!
  19. :p easy 'Tiger'.......... Garrys' all right, and he can be a pain in the arse:rolleyes:....... because he does keep up!........ on his 'scoota'

    ............. and having had 14's before, if you spend any time on the 'Org' you may find he's pretty knowledgeable........for a 'scoota' rider :p

    We liken him to a friendly Troll......Ha,Ha

    That said, I know wot you mean with regards to a lot of scooter riders.......
  20. Hey Rogues, you following me around mate. :p

    Yeah guys, I did own a 14 for a couple of years, and the 14 was a real light weight by comparison with the old Kawasaki 1300/6 I keep in my garage. Stepping off the big Kwaka onto the 14 felt like you were getting on board a 250.

    Seriously, the 14 is a fine bike, ultra reliable, very easy to ride - I tracked it quite a few times down at Phillip Island too. What I'm talking about though is tight stuff like the Reefton Spur, which is where I get my jollies nowadays.

    I did a lot to my 14 to get it turn in better - a tip for you guys, downsize the rear to a 180, put on a lower set of bars and drop the front end 1/2 an inch so you can get your weight over the front wheel, it makes a world of difference to the 14's chuckability.

    Sadly though, there is only so much you can do, and there was a sunny Saturday afternoon a few years back where I was riding with a mate on a Buell and a Ducati when no matter what I did, the 14 just couldn't transition quickly enough from one side to the other and they left me behind. I determined I'd never let that happen again and instead bought the Burgie -it's low centre of gravity, steep steering rake, narrowish tyres and hand operated rear brake make left to right transitions a breeze.

    I liked it so much I now own 2 of them!.... and yes, they a make great touring bike too (with over 120 litres of combined storage space under the seat, in the tank bag and the top box, and fantastic wond protection) - am off again at easter for a short break and expect to cover 4-5,000kms over the 4 days.

    Enjoy your 14s guys and maybe see you at Bathurst in October. :beer: