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Featured Suzuki GSX-1000F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by khamil23, May 11, 2015.

  1. Anyone eyeing one of these off? Looks like a hot contender against the Kawasaki Ninja 1000. Aimed at the same target market etc (I think)

  2. Been vaguely looking at the media for the GSX - 1000S and F.
    Fair bit of equipment, presumably for a reasonable price.

    Let's just hope they do a better job than the current GSR750
  3. you looking to upgrade soon BitSarBitSar ?
  4. Nah - I love the Ape.

    I just like to test new bikes from time to time to see what progress looks/feels/sounds like....

    One day something will bite.
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  5. I'm going to wait and see the reviews, it will have to be bloody good bike to beat the Ninja 1000 or Z1000.

    Plus the price hasn't be announced....
  6. I'd be keen for a 750 version of it that's for sure.

    The GSR750 doesn't tickle my pink in its current form.

    Looking for a mid sized sports tourer for the daily commute and weekends. So far the CBR650R looks good as well as the VFR800 albeit a lot more expensive.
  7. Love the look of this bike, Jeff ware says it's the top of the market atm and he's ridden them all. Suzuki is giving him one for 12 months and he tells me he is going to buy it afterwards. Can't wait till he gets it
  8. It's a good concept but the rear ducktail is too short and uplifted for the styling to be attractive. So much so that it resembles those ugly British street fighter customs from a few years back (now there was a trend that I don't miss).

  9. Bought mine last month, after taking the Ninja for a test ride. The GSX S is lighter and more hp, and it felt better too. I'm 6ft1, and felt too tall for the Ninja. Loving the Suzuki. Take care tho that speedo sure climbs fast !
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  10. Very tempting. Looks like a lot of bike for the money too.