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suzuki gsr600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by weelz, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    Why don't we hear more about the gsr600?

    What's wrong with it?



  2. It was a slow day at the dealership so I tried one off the used bike line, back to back with an FZ6 we had.

    I liked the GSR a lot; smooth, good power from low revs, plenty of power at higher revs, easy to read the comprehensive dash (in contrast to the Yamaha), nimble, good brakes and a good riding position (but then, I'm an old bloke). It doesn't have the charisma of the GSXR600 from which it is derived but has much of its character. New riders do well on them, and they can do pretty much anything you want.

    Had I been in the market for a quick middleweight, the Suzuki would have got the nod over the Yamaha. Well worth your while to ride one, as the prices reflect the fact that everyone has convinced themselves they need the Gixxer instead.
  3. I have a GSR 600 and love it. I am thinking of buying a new GSX 1400 at the moment but it is a want and not a need. I still enjoy the GSR every time I get out on it. I have done 27000km in 2 years on this bike and it has not given any trouble at all. It is on the 3rd front tyre and rear tyre is not far from replacement and will be the 5th. The chain and sprockets are still like new and the brakes have heaps left on them. The only cost has been regular servicing. If I trade this bike in I realy do think I will miss it. I love the way you can rev the ringer out of it and it just begs for more as there is a surge at 10000RPM and pulls right through to redline. Like all mid capacity bikes though you are left wanting more at times as in astraight line the litre bikes will just pull away. The little GSR is still good for an indicated 243km though so it is not slow. It is a great comuter and a stack of fun in the tight stuff. The best part is the price as they are great value at $10000.
  4. Thanks guys

    A case of good bike - bad(out-of-fashion) image.
  5. I don't think so, pretty much everyone loves the street triple (mostly because of its engine). I guess a lot of people don't like the jap streetfighter look, the hornet 600 is also pretty ugly.

    i think the ducati monster 696 are also pretty good. But it is surprising given that the gsr600 is 2-3 grand cheaper than these others that it isn't more popular
  6. The new model GSR looks pretty good.

  7. I actually don't mind the GSR - 2 minute impression from when I rode one for a few hundred clicks, with + being an upside, = being OK and - being a drawback.

    + Gem of an engine. Will happily cruise around short-shifting at 4-5KRPM. The engine won't complain, lazy enough for 6th gear at 60km/h. That also won't move the bike very fast at all. From around 7K through 11K, it's more motivated, but around 11K through to the 14K redline it feels like a different engine entirely, fun. So, it's flexible - you can be lazy, but it moves nicely enough when you ask it to. Detuned GSX-R600 engine? I can believe that. Slightly muted version of the usual lovely Cheezuki induction sound.

    = Good brakes. Wooden feeling front stops well enough, rear wasn't there at all. Pretty progressive, to lock it you would really have to be asking.

    = Ergos. Comfy bars and relaxed, semi-sport foot position, but I couldn't get great lock onto the tank.

    - Shit suspenders. Shock's a bit stiff, front end is wallowy and crap.

    - Storage. What storage? It's a naked bike. For commuting and weekend blats. So why did the designers decide on undertail pipes and very limited storage?