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Suzuki GSR600 o2 Sensor eliminator

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by oz650r, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. This is a run through of how to eliminate your o2 sensor. This mod should work on any vehicle fitted with a 4 wire o2 sensor but the wire colours will be different at the ECU end as these colours will suit a K7 GSR600.

    1- Locate the o2 sensor loom (under the fuel tank on the left side it is a black 4 wire connector) by tracing it up from the exhaust catalytic converter housing.

    2- Disconnect the plug and remove all wires from the ECU side plug except for the white wire with orange trace. This is the hardest part of the job as there is not alot of room and the terminals are a little hard to remove from the plug. To remove the terminals you need to bend the plastic retainer back and pull on the wires. I use a sharpened and flatened pice of stainles steel car aerial mast. A large sowing or crochet needle will also do the job.

    3- Loop the orange wire with white trace and the white wire together and insulate as these wires will have battery voltage to them (these are the heater circuit wires).

    4- Insulate the black wire with pink trace (this is the signal wire back to the ECU).

    5- Plug the two connectors back together and start the bike to make sure the FI light does not come on. If the light is on you have done somthing wrong.

    The colour of the wires at the sensor end are 1x white wire (signal wire back to ECU).
    2x grey wires (heater circuit wires) the ones that are looped together
    1x black wire (earth wire) the one that is left pluged into the sensor

    Looking at the image wire 1 would be left out of the plug and the end insulated.
    Wires 2 & 3 would be left out of the plug looped together and insulated.
    Wire 4 would be left in the plug.
  2. Thanks very much for that oz650r
  3. what's the benefit of removing the O2 sensor?
  4. Computer controlled EFI???????
    What for again?
  5. The GSR has a surging problem at cruising/comuting speeds and a snappy throttle. These problems are caused when the EFI goes closed loop and the o2 sensor starts rapidly adjusting mixtures.
  6. Sounds like cutting your head off when you have a tooth ache.

    Surley an ECU/Powercommander reprogram is a better option.
  7. yep if i had a spare arm and leg i'd go a power commander over butchering...

    Or tuneboy if i had a KTM, Trumpy, Aprilia or Benelli... i think they are doing ducati's soon too... anyhow.
  8. A PowerCommander alone won't solve the throttle snatch or FI surging!

    I've got a PC installed on my GSR with a dynotuned map, but apparently, the o2 sensor is still running to the ECU as far as I could see after taking a quick squiz at connections.

    I'll be eliminating the o2 sensor with a plug and seeing how it goes.
  9. I believe there's a more sophisticated fix for the FZ6/FZ1 (which have a similar problem) available from a Yammy tuner in the US. It involves splicing a control unit into the loom, which modifies the feedback into the CPU. Apparently fools it into thinking the throttle is still slightly open. So doesn't involve retuning. Details in a recent issue of BIKE.
    Dunno if they do anything for the GSR.
  10. Sounds like you need a TRE :?
  11. Power Commander actualy make an o2 eliminator plug. It costs about $40 and is just a different version of what I have done. They use a blank loom plug with a jump wire inside it.

    A TRE is a different kettle of fish all together and I am not sure if any improvement will be made by fitting one. The GSR has a gear position indicator in the cluster so by fitting a TRE to it the indicator will show 5 at all times. I will work out how to make a smart TRE when I get some time. I need to find a shop manual first so I can get a wiring diagram to make it easier.
  12. WHat a wonderfully brutal solution to fix a relatively simple problem. :roll:
    Why the fcuk buy an EFI bike in the first place, if you don't want crisp throttle response and the fuel economy/clean running of an injected engine?
    You should have just thrown carbs on it and be done..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Brutal?

    The GSR still has the crisp throttle response it has always had. By taking the o2 sensor out you make the bike more user friendly. The o2 sensor is fitted to these bikes to make them euro3 compliant. Suzuki fit o2 sensors to the SV in some markets but none of them have it fitted here. The o2 sensor does not work when the engine is under load (open loop) and only works at cruise or low throttle openings(closed loop). When in closed loop the o2 sensor is trying to adjust the mixture to get the lowest posible exhaust emissions. Suzuki and most other manufacturers use this type of EFI system on their bikes because it is cheap and gets the job done. If they fitted and EFI system with a wide band o2 sensor the surging issue wold not be there and these bikes would self learn when you made intake and exhaust mods. As it stands if I fitted a new air filter or exhaust I would have to get the ECU adjusted to suit and this is where Power Commanders have their benefit as they have an endless range of adjustment. The standard ECU has a limited range of adjustment.

    So brutal? No just a simple fix for a simple problem.
  14. I installed the o2 eliminator plug earlier on in the week. Now the bike is much nicer to ride, and definately no more surging that was driving me nuts at times!
  15. Hmm funny i dont have any problems at all on my DL its just as smooth and responsive as my SV was, but then the DL has twin plugs per cylinder now, maybe that eliminates it with a better fuel burn.
  16. a little bump here :)

    Hello everyone. i'm new here. recently bought a GSR600 K7 and making some modifications to bike. so one of them is O2 sensor elimination.
    but my wires colors differ from the original topic starter stated. and from the sensor side i got 2 x white wires, 1 x grey & 1 x black. So i guess in my case those 2 x whites are heater. 1 x grey - for ecu signal and 1 x black - ground?? right??

    if im right. then , will it work if i just loop those 2 whites wires from the sensor side?
    what about adding a 330ohm resistor to grey & black??