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Suzuki GSF250V

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Guru, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Hey I'm a new rider and have seen an ad for a Suzuki GSF250V and its a 2000 model with 30000kms, 3 mths rego and comes with rack and bag. Costs $3500 ono.

    Also looking at a ZZR, CBR and a Sukuki Across. From what Ive read here, all these seem like decent first bikes, but couldnt find much on the bandit.

    Was just wondering if the specs seems ok, and if anyone had any thought on the Bandit, or if there was anything fundamentally wrong with them etc.

    Seeing as its a 4storke 4 cylinder and 45Hp, would it make it a little bit faster than the other bikes listed?

    Any comments would help! Thanks guys!

  2. The "V" model is actually only 40hp, the earlier models were 45. However the V does have increased torque, and thanks to the variable exhaust this is useable over a wide rev range making it a lot easier to ride than a lot of other 4-cylinder 250s - but with better peak performance than a twin.
    There are no faults specific to the bandit, helped by the fact that the 250 Bandit is literally just a 400 Bandit with smaller pistons - so obviously the gearbox is fairly understressed (also why it's such a large 250).
    Fuel economy is about the norm for a 4 cylinder (5L/100km) but the large tank capacity means it'll easily see 300kms of fun riding before you need to start thinking about fuel.
  3. thats a good buy if its in good nick
  4. Go for it. $3500 is a bargain. The V-model motor is a ripper. Pretty strong for a 250, much better than the CBR250 engine.
  5. Ive got one, I love it. My brother has an across, i prefer my bike hands down, its definitely nicer to ride. A mate of mine has got a new ninja 250r(basically the same as a gpx/zzr) and i find my bike to be more fun to ride than it, as well. I can't fault it, great first bike. Goes hard(for a 250) handles well, sharp steering, very "chuckable" and easier keeps pace with the big bikes in the twisties. Its comfy to ride and is great as a fun weekender or a commuter
  6. Thanks for the inputs guys! Im going to have a look at it tomorrow monrning so Ill let ya know how it goes. Hopefully its in good nick!

  7. Thanks for the comparison mate! What's chuckable mean by the way? Lol

    Also, what would the top speed be for the bandit? And on the express way/highway will it hold its own? Looking at the specs im presumming so but I dont know much about bikes so i thought id just check.
  8. gaaawd doooooont buy a suzuki for christ sake, get a honda or a kawasaki 250
  9. Lol why? Please justify. lol

  10. lol im joking mate, just pissing off all the suzuki owners, you go with what you believe is best for you :)
  11. Lol cheers mate.
    But on a serious note, anything to add about the Bandit?
  12. not my taste in bikes man so no comment from me
  13. They were geared for a maximum of 180kph as per Japanese law.

    Realistically though unless you go stripping down to your jocks and stretching out ala Rollie Free then 160-170 is about as good as you're possibly going to get in terms of real speed (not what's indicated on the speedo).
    Acceleration from 100/110 up to 130-140 is still pretty good though if you have the right gear/revs so highway performance/overtaking is certainly fine, even with a decent load of luggage onboard.
  15. seems like a great price for a relatively new / with no km bike

    i testrode one a while back... while i was still lookin for my bike
    great bike to ride.. but i like my hornet better :p
  16. Yeah I saw a hornet, didnt really take to it though. Is it 4 by 4 too?
  17. oops i typed no intsead of low.

    how can you not love the hornet... with its 180 rear :p
    i dont think its a 4 by 4.. it only has two wheels :p :LOL:
  18. Hey guys, thanks for all your help.

    I went and saw the bike today and had a ride. It feels like a nice bike with a great pick up! Only thing is it revs really really high and becuase Im a new rider it just feels like Im in the wrong gear all the time. Ill prolly have to get used to that, because the last bike I rode was a friends VTR and that felt really good.

    I might put an offer on GSF, try and knock is down a bit as its only got 3months rego left.

  19. just out of curiosity, why you going for a 250, not interested in something bigger?
  20. *shrugs*

    I just got my Ls last month. Gotta start somewhere I guess. Lol