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Suzuki GSF250V Bandit Rattle Problem

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by dimi, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I've got a problem that im looking at working on but need some help from someone in the know.

    First of all, i have a 2000 model suzuki bandit.

    Now for the problem, at a certain rpm (10k for example) i get a vibrating rattle sound that sounds like a spring jumping up and down but very quickly from the engine for half a second.

    I'm trying to track down what is the cause of this and have a couple of questions before i open anything up to do some troubleshooting unless someone knows the exact cause of this already.

    (Some questions may sound a bit silly but anyway)

    First does the bike use Hydrolic lifters?

    Secondly does the bike have 2 springs per valve? Such as 1 big spring then a smaller spring inside the big one?

    Thirdly what timing does the engine run normally?

    Any help MUCH appreciated.


  2. It sounds like a "chk", at 10500 odd RPM?

    Perfectly normal, that is the sound of the Variable Valve solenoid operating.
  3. Hmmm i guess you could say that.. lol ok awesome :)
  4. As the guy above says, if the sound starts at 10K ish and continues upward, hang on and love it, its your new best friend!

    Called Variable Valve Timing, or VVT. Its why you have a V in 250V.
    When I first heard it, i thought it was something disengaging, like a flywheel or clutch or something, and i always changed gear at about that time so it was intermittent. But if while riding you hit 10K and keep going, and the sound keeps going, its VVT.
    Also your fuel consumption goes through the roof :) Check out bandit alley forums for some good info on the bandits.
  5. Thanks for that extra confirmation :)
  6. +1 Bandit Alley BBS. Also, the GSF400VV Manual is okay to use for servicing, as the 250 is just a slightly less bored version of the 400 Block. (Stroke, crank etc are different, top end is pretty much the same for maintainance; the only 250 manual is in Japanese [took a couple of calls to New Zealand to get that information... ](*,)])

    If you take the tank off, the VV unit is the metal block on top of the valve cover, it uses oil pressure to rotate the intake rocker mount rod (mounted in eccentrics) 90 odd degrees and away from the intake valves, for high speed intake (reducing opening distance to minimise opportunity for valve floating being a problem). This motion is the noise you hear. Personally, for day to day riding, I feel if I hit 10000 revs, I'm flogging it! (As opposed to when I'm on the twisties :twisted:)
  7. Ah yes, well i have a jpeg version of the apparent 250V manual in English but i wouldn't say its a detailed manual. More of a quick-start guide.

    Any idea where i could find a proper 400 manual to use? I had been looking around a while ago when i had finally come up with this 'manual' for the 250, but would love an in-depth guide :)