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Suzuki GSF 250 Bandit - Exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Poiterng, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. Recently purchased a 1997 GSF 250, been searching for a new exhaust system could anyone shed some light on this matter can't seem to be able to find anything.

    What brands available
    Are there any universal sports exhausts available for the GSF 250?

    Thanks in advance

  2. id be interested in this aswell,

    if nothing is available tho i could always make my own :rolleyes::whistle::brb::p:smug:(y)
  3. re-opening this, just purchased a 2000 model bandit and the stock muffler needs to disappear, anyone recommend anyone? seems there arn't many places who do an aftermarket pipe in bulk for the 250
  4. Mate there are a million generic mufflers for cheap on eBay that will fit. U need to measure the diameter of the exhaust pipe the current muffler slips onto. Then do a search
  5. Yep thats all that you need to do, chop the old one off and slip on a new one.

  6. So any generic aftermarket muffler will do as long as the diameter's match? I was under the impression mufflers were made to match the power output of the bike so that you don't lose all your back pressure etc. I know people with 250 hornet's retrofit exhausts made for the 600 hornet's and just slightly adjust the midpipe to suit, so by that working I'm guessing pipes made for the 600-650 bandit's will do the same job if retrofitted? I intend to mount my exhaust further up towards the seat anyway so ill need a new midpipe be made to match
  7. Generic one will do. If u want it louder u can just take old one off and get a exhaust tip and bolt that on. I did that with my night rod.
  8. don't want it necessarily louder, just a sportier more agressive note. Plus i want to high mount it more like the hornet exhausts, think itll make it look cleaner and more agressive
  9. It's a 250. Its not going to get aggressive. That said they don't sound too bad with a few revs on board.

    High mount is going to require some modification to the pipe anyway, so just get something you like and make it fit.
  10. Yeah don't worry im a realist, not expecting ducati monster style bellows errupting from its rear by changing the muffler. But I feel like inline 4's of any size can sound adequately tingling with the right pipe.

    Sweet well with that in mind I guess my only question was, are mufflers built for higher displacment bikes going to be an issue application wise ie: i'll lose power, torque, etc? If not ill just buy a generic one made for the 600's (they seem to be the only available on ebay) and mould a new midpipe to suit where i want to place it, make up a few brackets aswell