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Suzuki GS550 1977

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  1. I'll post a update pic when I've done a bit more to the old girl...
  2. love those old suzis - very nice mate, don't see too many of those around anymore
  3. thanks chilliman64... nope, not alot around, getting hard to find parts...
  4. a mate of mine had one in the 80s (may have posted that on another thread of yours) we sometimes rode each others bikes and did the odd double. lots of fun back then. it had some boogie. the seat looked nice but not the best shape for me if I gave it some as I tended to slide back on it a bit. he dropped it a few times but didn't break it, it was pretty tough.
  5. still plenty of boogie left.... yeah found the seat a bit flat so scalloped it a bit & me being a short arse helped heaps... dropped her a couple of times, nothing major... bloody dog.... haha...
  6. I know a guy that just gets parts for old Suzuki motorcycles. He is here in Adelaide. Love the old Suzuki.
  7. does he have parts for sale ?
  8. Yes he gets parts if he doesn't have them in. I can't remember his business name but I know where he is and I can chase that up for you if you want. He is down near the airport.
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  9. gotta love the classics! (y)
  10. Years ago I found that Ray was real good to deal with and he only deals in Suzuki's. Here is his delails.
    Unit 3, 109 Morphett Road
    Camden Park
    South Australia 5038
    Email: Ray@Suz.parts.com.au

    Give him a go, I found him to be great.