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Suzuki GS500F - Jabba's Daily commuter and LAMS bike

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  1. Jabba submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Suzuki GS500F - Jabba's Daily commuter and LAMS bike

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  2. Why am I not able to see your showcase?
  3. Nice man, I love seeing bikes that have obviously been well kept. She looks brand new!
  4. Try now mate, it was a glitch that's just been sorted.

    lol! thanks mate. It's not that great in real life, it must have been left out in the weather a fair bit, but pretty good for $2000.

    It need a new chain and sprockets as soon as I can organise time to buy and change them too.
  5. Hmm. ... shiny :)
    I'll look out for the blue blaze on the the M1 bud
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