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Suzuki GS500F - Seeing your first bike resurface online

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Endo C, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Just thought I'd share this Bikesales ad that I found randomly.

    This was my first bike which I bought for $5,000 back in 2011 and sold for $5,250 to an older gentlemen and his son. Find it on Bikesales many years and thousands of KM's later it has appreciated to $6,000. If you happen to buy this bike, you could get a return on investment of around 2.4% pa (based on past prices). Returns are pretty much on par with leaving it in the bank plus you get a Motorcycle to use! Solid investment.



    But in all seriousness, if you happen to be looking at this one, happy to PM you details to use against the dealer so you can get it for a better price.

    $6,000...What a joke...
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  2. That's amazing, thanks, I can now justify all my purchases to the 'Minister for Finance'!
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  3. That's amazing, thanks, I can now justify all my purchases to the 'Minister for Finance'!
  4. how does that work?
  5. I would prepare a depreciation schedule for the minister but I have to warn you, I'm forecasting negative depreciation for all future years;)
  6. I think I just bought it for less than its market value at the time.

    The only time you'll see the village bicycle become more desirable the more it gets passed around Lol
  7. It must be the rim tape...
  8. That's nothing in just 6 months my Gs500 appreciated from $500 to almost $3000. Don't invest in property or shares, it appears that The gs500 is the way to go.