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Suzuki GS500F Power Malfunction

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by batkinggs500f, May 26, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if any one had any idea on what may be going on with my 2005 suzuki gs500f that i picked up last week, first thing i did was get it looked over by a bike shop, new tyres, brakes, everything checked kind of thing. I went for a ride today, seeing as though it was the only decent day to do so this week, everything was fine until about an hour and a half into the ride, when i felt the thottle stop reacting, so i'd pull it, nothing at first, then it would come on, then drop off, even with the throttle pulled, as i decelerated, changing down gears, could not get engine to rev up, with the final time pulling the clutch in to change down, engine shut off completely. this happened another 4 times on the final 5 km journey home.

    I would have to stop, turn the ignition off, and start again with the choke, which was really wierd.

    with the advice that it could be the side stand switch malfunctioning, i took it for another ride to see, and when i'd give the stand a nudge, it would try and stall, but then as the stand came back up it would be fine, not loose all power like it did the previous times.

    It wasn't till i gave it some beans and then backed off did i notice it did it again, this time i just held it at half throttle to see if it would kick back in, but nothing, it just went down and down, till the engine cut out again. once again, having to switch it all off, restart with the choke, and get it home.

    really freaking out, any ideas at all what i may be looking at????:censored:
  2. Full tank of fuel?
  3. Motorcycles need petrol to run.
  4. Charging problem - as the voltage drops the ignition system stops working properly...
  5. My guess is lack of sufficient fuel due to a blockage in the in-tank filter, a fuel line or the fuel petcock. Needing choke to start even with a hot engine supports the idea that its getting too lean. Try running it with the petcock on 'prime' and see if that helps.
    Also, undo the bolts holding the rear of the tank (each side of the frame) then lift the back of the tank about 10 cm and chock it there with a block of wood etc. Now get a torch and look under the tank from the right side. On the opposite(left) side of the tank you will see where the hoses exit the tank there is a fuel tap which can be turned on or off with a very long screwdriver. The slot head in the tap faces inward and is a PITA to see and access. If the screw slot in the tap is not vertical, the fuel flow may not be sufficient. If the bike shop had the tank off for servicing they would have turned that tap off and may not have got it fully on. There is no detent, you just have to visually check the slot is vertical.
    Another possibility is a blockage in the fuel cap vent. This will cause a vacuum to build up in the tank as fuel is used and eventually cause fuel starvation. Try opening the tank cap right after the problem happens again. If it is hard to open and there is a hiss of air entering the tank then that's your problem. You can also try riding with the cap unlatched (obviously not with full tank) and see if that helps.
    +1 to joining the gstwins forum where you will get lots of good advice and friendly help
  6. The symptoms described are exactly what my gs500 does when I switch to reserve and fail to fuel up due to being lazy! Fill the tank as soon as possible after you switch to reserve and you never have that problem
  7. My bet as well - fuel blockage or low fuel. If it has a fuel filter, change it. Try a bit more fuel in the tank and see if it still happens. If so, drain the tank, and blow through the fuel tap with compressed air. You might even want to set the tap to ON and blow, then RESERVE and blow. Put a cup or so of fuel back in, give a good swish and shake, empty responsibly. (Don't get caught.) Refill the tank.

    If it happens after that, I was wrong. That also happens... 8-[

    And as The Mole said, also check the air vent in the fuel cap.