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suzuki GS500??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by enzise, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. sorry if a post similar to this is already up when i hit search function i get an error and cant look any previous posts up.

    does anyone ride a suzuki GS500??

    this is the bike i am currently looking at getting. (am still saving)

    if u have one wat are ure opinions on it.

    if u have ever riden one wat do u reakon.

    im not small or light, big guy weighing in at bout 100kg so looking for sumthing to get me off the mark pretty fast dont care bout top speed just want acceleration. already posted topic bout best bikes for this. now i am looking for info bout this particular bike. any info wuld be nice.

    sorry if topic bout this already excists..

    p.s lookin at this bike particularly cause i am on p's for another 12 months and looking to get new bike that is approved by LAM (nsw) and want sumthing more than 250cc
  2. I'd have a chat with EACruiser, he rides a GS500, not ridden one myself but seems like a decent bike. :)
  3. Also PM a guy called Wedge on the forum, he bought a GS500F and he is only on his L's. I road it up to the central coast for him when he bought it and from what I could tell it was rather quick for an LAM, it was quite comfortable for the long trip. The only thing that was a little lacking was probably the braking as it is only single front disk and the handling which wasn't so responsive as you do sit very up right on the bike. Still all round it is a great LAM bike and as far as new ones go it is probably the best around.
  4. u can go to a suzi dealer and test ride it (even on ur l's). I have mind u it was peak hour :(
  5. I had a GS500 and it was a great bike. They're a parallel twin & aren't blessed with a lot of power, but they're light and easy to handle and will get you off the lights as quick as anything else. As mentioned by the OP the braking is a little under done but allowances can be made once you're used to it. They're also a very easy bike to work on and parts and servicing costs are low. I'd consider the Kawasaki ER6 as well. Haven't ridden one but I don't mind the look of them.
  6. I love mine ;) It's taken me quite some distance, comfy, quick, cheap, beautiful...
  7. Also I would suggest to go for the full faired version, just cos it will make long distance and higher speed riding more comfortable.
  8. EA Cruiser, DAlemation and AF2AF3 all have GS500's in adelaide, they seem happy with them, and wth restrictions and some work done seem quite capable,

    EaCruisers probably done the most to his outta those 3, and im sure he will attest to its capabilities as he pushes his pretty hard.
  9. I love my GS (except for the skinny looking scooter tyre on the back :LOL: ), it is very comfortable for long rides, very economical to run (up to 20km/ltr, depending on the ride) and has got the get up and go when I need it.

    Also cheaper rego and insurance because it is <600cc and naked.
  10. I had one ,LOVED IT.

    The best quote I read abit it was...

    It' can do it all ,twistys ,touring ,city work ,ect ,and just gets on with the job no questions asked.
    And the GS500F looks great ,see one in the shop first ,they good different on the pictures on the net.

    Also see ,www.gstwin.com
    For the most info you can get or ever need on the GS.
  12. I had a GS500E and I traded it in about 3 weeks ago for my Triumph. Great bike to learn on. I am 6'4" and 95KG's, so I dwarfed any learner bike I was on. I dwarfed the GS a lot less than the others. Very good bike, and it has a good bit of grunt for a learner. The one you are looking at, it isn't a 1995 red one with a bikini fairing in BikeBiz Paramatta by any chance? If it is, then thats my old one.
  13. shuld of specified, but i am looking at the one with fairing but i culd still be convinced to get the naked one. ..

    i will definatly test ride the er6 as well. whenever i ask anyone about lam bikes with power these are the 2 they mention. but just from looking i like the gs so far. anyway thanks for all the input.
  14. Probably best to check out the ER-5 instead, the ER-6 isn't learner legal.
  15. After having a near new ER5 as a lone bike while the GS was being serviced I would not even think about getting one it was a little smother then the GS but thats it, other wise the GS was a much better bike more comfy and better to ride the ER was garbage and only had 3000ks on it and it already had began to fade and look 5 years old it seemed to deteriorate before my eyes and felt awful to ride. It did do everything it was asked but felt awful as it did it. Go with the GS
  16. heh heh, I was just up at Aldi and met a guy who asked me about the Hornet. He's thinking about buying a 900 Hornet, $11,990 on the road. I asked what he had and he said, "GS-500, only had it 2 months but it hasn't got enough oomph!"

    {Mind you, he probably should have shopped a bit more wisely to begin with....}
  18. I,ve got an 04 gs 500 .had it for 1 yr .great first bike .I did my Q ride on one to.The trainer had 3 of them and recond they were a top learner bike.But I,m thinking of upgrading soon probably gsr600 ,fz6n or er6n :?:
  19. A GS500 is a great bike, very easy to ride...good for learners and its got plenty of power and looks good
  20. I'm 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 85kgs and my GS is more than capable of hauling me around swiftly. If your interested in getting ahead of the cars after the light turns green the acceleration it has to offer is more than sufficient. Top speed is pretty respectable too for a LAM, the furthest i have been able to push it is an indicated 193ish km/h.
    Through the twisties it will definitly put a smile on your dial because it turns in so effortlessly due to its weight and partly to it's narrow rear tire and high wide bars.
    Looks, well as always that depends on who you are, but for the most part the general consensus is that it is an attractive little package. It is also a reliable little package that has a near bullet proof engine that likes to be revved and can handle it all day. It is also a good bike to learn to work on as it is not a very complicated design.
    Like others have said, the front forks are a bit soft and dive way forward under hard breaking. And the rear has a tendency to lock up and squirm around on abrupt downshifts, but for the most part it maintains its composure. Also the rear brake lever is very soft which leads to there not being much feel to it.
    I was really quite surprised at just how competent a bike it is, especially after looking at what it has to work with.
    This is the impression my '05 model GS500F has left on me after spending just 7,400km on it.