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Suzuki Gs500

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jas33694, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Im new here and hoping I'm posting in the right spot.

    I'm also new to riding, and love it - should have done it earlier!!, I currently am on my P's and have a 2008 GS500. Great bike even though I haven't ridden anything else other than a scooter.

    My question is I have been ridding it since FEB 2010 and have been putting premium fuel, that is 95% octane, as the guy I brought it from said that is what you use.
    Lately the I have noticed when I downshift there is a type of pinging noise or more like gravel being shaken in a plastic jar kinda noise that occurs especially in the higher gears as I slow for a red light etc. I do use both brakes as I downshift so I am not just letting the engine do all the work.

    Does this occur because I am using the incorrect fuel????
    Most service stations have changed their regular 91% to contain ethanol and since all the bad publicity about ethanol I am sceptical about using it.

    I get my bike serviced at the required/recommended service intervals at a Suzuki dealer and was only serviced a couple of thousand Km's ago that being the 10000km service.

    Am I doing/using something I shouldn't be as I want to look after the bike but having little or no knowledge of bikes I'm at a loss... Any info received would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'd expect detonation (or preignition) to be more noticeable on acceleration rather than overrun. At least that's how it was in the olden days. If the bike idles ok, its not a blocked pilot jet.
    Worn chain perhaps or something just come loose and rattling around with the engine vibes? (not so bad)
    Faulty camchain tensioner? (bad)
  3. It's not the right spot to post but hopefully it'll be move to technical & troubleshooting for you.

    I can't see any reason why fuel would cause that noise. For the record, any regular unleaded that contains ethanol will say so at the pump. Stay away from the E10 but the pump that says 91 ULD will be safe and probably more appropriate for your bike. If it's not designed to use 95ron you'll get zero benefit from doing so. :)

    On to the problem. Any noise that sounds like rattling, usually turns out to be rattling. How loose it the chain? A slack chain could produce that noise as could any loose part. Check the tension on the chain and do a check for loose nuts and bolts. The inline twins viabrate a lot, especially at high revs so it makes sense that something will shake on the down shift, you might just have to look hard for it.

    Hopefully that's all it is, but without hearing the noise myself it's impossible to be sure.
  4. Sounds to me perfectly normal for a Suzuki with PAIRS valves - does anyone know if the carburetted GS500 uses PAIRS?
  5. GS500 has two 2-valve combustion chambers, for a total of four valves overall in the twin-cylinder engine. I don't recall my GS850 ever making a noise like grvel in a jar, though.

    The rattling you describe may well be the chain needing adjustment, or could be the frame slider wearing through. Check the slack in the chain when it is at rest. It should be no more than about 30mm (check between sprockets and manually push up then down).

    If the frame slider is worn they only cost about $20~50 and are easy to replace yourself. The chain is, too, but requires a few more tools and perhaps a bit of mechanical experience.

    Cheers - boingk
  6. If it's on a downshift it's not pinging. Pinging happens under load.

    It could be fuel being sucked into the exhaust on downshifts. This is common with CV carbied bikes.

    Or it could be either the cam or drive chains.

    As to fuel, it should run on 91 no problems, but I've found that traditionally Suzuki run at the higher end of the compression window. The result is I've found 91 e10 does ping and standard 91 does it on hot days.
  7. I had a bit of noise like you described (intermittent mind you) I noticed just prior to the 1000km service interval. When they checked, the manifold bolts needed tightening.

    As for the fuel, I've always used 95 as I was recommended by the Suzuki dealer.
  8. my gs500 hates e10 loves 98 try 98 and see how you go.
  9. Hi

    Thankyou to all those that posted a response much appreciated!!!
    I had my bike looked at by the Suzuki Dealer and just thought I'd let you know all it was was the chain needed adjusting the noise was the chain hitting or rubbing against the centre stand when it was slack.

    Though found out that unlike cars bikes do need a little maintenance between services and was told I should clean my chain regularly - I'm told degreaser and then hose off then put oil on it... ok the degreaser is fine but to a layman what oil do I put on it??
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  11. Woot Woot Thanks IronSheik!!! :D:D exactly what I needed to know!!!
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