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Suzuki GS500 throttle or carburetor issue?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by bellamycmr, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just spent nearly $9oo on a major service for my 2005 GS500 as it has done about 48,000kms. I turned the bike over and it starts fine, but after idling for a while as soon as I try and pull away it dies. The engine seems to die just like it was flooded or something. Even when the choke is fully off and it’s in neutral as soon as I lay down a bit more power it also dies. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. Does it do it all the time, or only after it's been idling for a while?
  3. Is there a strong petrol smell when it dies?
    Check all hoses for kinks or splits. I'm curious also where you had it serviced and a break down of what was done for 900 bucks.
  4. Is it at correct idle speed, perhaps increase the idle speed a touch to see if it helps.
  5. If its only just been done, take it back. Their dodgy problem.
    Sounds like theres a problem with the vacuum pressure to me? As suggested above, check the lines.
  6. WTF.....$900!

    Wouldn't mind knowing what they did for that money....
    There's not too much to do on a gs500 unless there's something wrong with it.....
  7. +1

    $900 for a service sounds crazy.

    Would the symptoms you describe indicate that it's running lean?
  8. This all sounds very suss. $900 for a major service ... even cars are cheaper than that and for a GS500 ?????
  9. If i can do a major service on my car for $300, how is a bike $900? A 500cc at that.

    Am i missing something?
  10. I have no idea what the problem is, but for $900 I sure as shit would be taking it back to them and getting them to fix it. Then once it is fixed I would look for a new mechanic who doesnt rip you off. $900 is ridiculous.
  11. Hi and thanks for all your posts.

    I read on this site that Lloyd Penn was good so I took it there. The biggest cost was labour at 495 bucks for 4.5 hours, he did a lot of work including new chain (175 bucks) and new sprocket, wheel alignment, brake fluid, basically a full tune and service. To be honest I don't like bagging people out but it's not been the same since this service. I'm being reasonable if I ask for a discount or they should get the bike going for free or something right?

    To answer your questions, no smell of fuel, it idles ok at the usual 1,500 rpm and revs higher in neutral but as soon as it's in gear it looses all power and dies like it's flooded.

    Thanks everyone.

    Blind Netrider trust in lloyd penn. PUH-LEASE.

    Funny this sounds like a carbie issue - previous owner to my bike had it put together by lloyd penn, there were PARTS MISSING from the carbie.


    CALL lloyd penn. Don't touch the bike. TELL them you are DEMANDING they come pick it up and to take it away and FIX it because they have not returned it to you in a serviceable condition


    LLoyd Penn are one of those shops that think being a mechanic is some high end profession and charges close to $110 an hour for labor. At roughly 4.75-5 hours of labor, how the **** do they spend that long to

    a) Service (1-2 hours at MOST)
    b) Sprocket and chain (30 minutes)
    c) Brake fluid change (15 minutes)

    As an illustration, ask them how much it will cost to have them do a valve clearence check and adjustment on your GS500.

    Following a step by step guide for BEGINNERS, this is a 45 minute job, every nut and bolt. I bet they quote you $400-$500.

    And then you will have proof you've been ripped off.

    But $495 + $170 = $565

    Where did the other $335 come from?
  13. Hi,

    As an update, motorcycle movers are coming to pick it up and if Lloyd Penn discover it was the issue is related to something he should have serviced then this should all be free of charge. I'll let you all know.

  14. For comparison, my recent 18,000k service cost $512, including a brake fluid change and $150 for an x-ring chain. Three hours of labour at $88/h. Madbiker did the work.

    EDIT: And its a naked, BTW. The faired version would have cost slightly more (coolant change).
  15. The GS500 is a relatively easy bike to work on, only 2 cylinders, 4 valves, good accessibility. $900 is about double what it should have cost. $100+ per hour???? FFS, you can an aircraft serviced at a lower hourly rate, once they've fixed it don't go back!
  16. Agree about $900 way to steep, and the fact it is running badly after says a lot, the problem could be anything, take it back asap and give em a case of wtf?!

    P.S don't go back to Lloyd again after this.
  17. They called me this morning, water in the tank by all accounts!

    Thanks everyone for your comments.
  18. Did they charge you?
  19. Yeah, they did charge me. The overflow hole in the top of the tank was blocked and there was water in the carbies, had to empty the tank, dry it our and replace sparks and carbie.
  20. Next time layout a slab and ask a netrider to help.
    Remember beer = currency