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Suzuki GS500 or Honda CBF250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Rumble, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. G'day all.

    Well this is my first post here so i'll tell you a little about myself. First off,i'm 22 year old and do not have my bike learners license yet. I'll take the course in a few weeks. I have my full car license so I only need to do the stay upright course. I so far have purchased a Icon TiMax 2 jacket, TiMax 2 gloves and AGV Stealth helmet. Just need to pick up some pants, boots and..... a bike.

    Now after looking around I am convinced I want a new bike, Learner bikes seem to have a high resale value anyway.

    I have pretty much narrowed it down to two.

    The Honda CBF250 and the Suzuki GS500.

    I believe that the CBF250 would probably be a better learner bike due to better maneuverability etc. However, i'm guessing that for the slightly longer term (say 3 years) the Suzuki GS500 could be the better pick. In terms of features, I like how the GS500 has dual disc brakes.

    Has anyone ever ridden each of these or any experience with them. Opinions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. welcome to the madness that is netrider!

    cbf250 is pretty gutless so i would say the GS500- tats my opinion

    but wait for the 100+ people who say consider the vtr250- great bike- and perfect for learners!

    kodus on getting all your gear beforehand!
  3. Welcome! :)

    Iv not mcuh experience in this field but jsut thought id say nice choice on the gear hehe.

    how much did u put up the timax 2 jacket for? Leather or Nylon?

    Also which bikes have sorted through to get down to those as the last 2? As already stated i hear VTR250's are a popular choice for beginners.

    Being a beginer myself im looking at either an older model cbr250rr or nsr150.
  4. the gs500 has dual disc brakes? damn, i must have gotten ripped off :LOL:

    it has one disc on the front and one on the rear (is that what you meant by dual disc?)

    I've only done 40,000km or so on my GS500F, not that many km's

    The rear shock went at about 29,000km, which Suzuki replaced under warranty. The valves also started riding when the engine was warm at about the same time, which caused the bike to run lean (and have sporadic fuel consumption) was fixed at the next service. Overall it's kept on going and going and going without many problems. Pretty good overall, if a bit gutless, but all learner bikes are.
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I have seen the VTR250, but the GS500 is a little more in budget and insurance is reasonable. And at the end of the day the VTR is still a 250 so I would be just as well of with the CBF. Basically I have a 2 year plan. That is I want my first bike to last for at least 2 years and then i'll upgrade to a more sporty 600.

    SuperD the jacket is the TiMax 2 leather jacket I picked up new from ebay in the US for $280AU.
  6. G'day Ginji,
    Sorry, that is what I meant by dual disc one on front and one back, as opposed to the CBF which is drum at the rear.
  7. $280 AU!!!!!

    Wow thats a bloody bargain! Most are selling for 600US!

    Was it from a store or did u manage to nab an XXL that nobody competed for?

    Actually looking now, even 3XL's have a starting bid of almost 400US. Do share on how u got this amazing bargain!
  8. No it's an XL, to be honest I think I was just lucky. There was only myself and another bidder who bid on it.

    Great Jacket... well not that I have tested it but you know :?
  9. First bike was gs500. Ride with a young bloke who has a vtr 250. The gs could keep up easily in the twisties and blow by him on the straights .Traded the gs on a gsr 600 . Now he can stay close in the twisties but as soon as we hit traffic he gets left behind (can't pass as quick.)I was happy with the gs but testrode the gsr and loved it . I'd recomend you get the gs500 .
  10. Thanks for that, I think the GS500 is looking like the bike of choice a the moment.
  11. I picked up my GS500F on Wednesday, and have done around 500k's on it now. My first answer to you is a question...how tall and "broad" are you ? At 6 foor 2 and 96kgs I reasoned the extra grunt of a 500 wouldn't hurt, plus it's a slightly bigger bike than most 250's (VTR included) and is more comfy for me.

    I also looked at resale, and a good GS500 or 500F seems to hold up well, you'd be able to get into and out of a good one in a couple of years without burning mucho $$$.

    EDIT : look here https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=44545&highlight=

  12. Hi, my first post. Have been reading for a while but not contributing.

    I've had my GS500 for about 4 months and done about 4500km on it (bought it new from Action) and have no complaints, just keep falling more and more in love with it, however that's obviously because it is my first road bike. I bought it for the same reason (longer term i.e 3-4 years) because I won't have any money to upgrade, but also because I wanted something 500+. So far has been a great bike to learn on and can easily be taken on longer trips (my folks live about 600km away while my sister lives 1000 so these are good excuses for a long ride).
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. Now I just need to get my license and save a few more $$$.

    pmacleod, I am about the same weight and dimensions as you, so the bike should be great.

  14. Mate, am I correct in assuming Action motorcycles in Canberra? If possible could you email me the price that you ended up getting the bike for? My email is: craig85w@gmail.com

  15. Just as a comparison, last week I was quoted $9500 on the road for a GS500F from Action at Parramatta. That was the first-ask price, so I'd expect that to come down a reasonable amount if I got serious about it.

    HTH, good luck with your purchase and enjoy the bike :)

  16. I've just moved from a 250 to a 650 (cause here in vic we are stuck on 250s for a year) and one of my first thoughts on riding the 650 was how much safer then the 250 it was. The extra power gives more control without having to change gears and it handles way better. So I think go with the bigger bike.
  17. Got it from Sydney City Action, was quoted $9500 on the road but got it for $10000 with $1800rrp worth of gear as well. It's a GS500F also which I didn't mention.
  18. So how did you go? Shame, because noone mentioned the bleedin' obvious.

    You have to ride both machines to make the decision for yourself! Your final decision will depend on a lot of things, least not your weight, riding style, terrain, type of riding, etc. Also, why are you getting the motorcycle? What is important - reliability, fuel consumption, insurance costs, servicing costs, your weight, power, max speed, smoothness, quality, resasle value? Etc, etc, etc.

    As a quick example: If it is for commuting short distances you can't beat the CBF - it uses next to no fuel and is a great reliable bike. If you are a heavier person, riding on weekends only, through hilly terrain then the torque of the GS will probably be a better bet. But only if you don't intend to sell the bike after a short while to upgrade to something else.

    There are so many factors that will make this decision. It's not black and white. You can't just list two bikes and say "what is better". If it was so black and white the other bike wouldn't exist!!!! The fact that two bikes exist means (by virtue) that both bikes have a market. You just have to work out what market you fit - there is no easy way other than thinking about your riding and trying both bikes. Sorry if that's not the answer you want to hear.

    Anyone else that's looking, good luck, but be sure to consider all the facets!

    Y'see, they are two different bikes to suit two completely different markets. You (and only you) have to decide into which market you fit!
  19. Search here or even Google GS500 reviews..It's a cracking good all round bike, not much heavier than a 250 and very easy to live with. The GS is my 11th bike,as you read this, mine only has 1600kms on her, but it is very capable, economical and has enough grunt to keep you happy once you have your full license...well until you throw a leg over a R1 or GSXR that is. For everyday riding with the ability to do more I'd take the GS 500 over any 250.
  20. I rode a CBF250 doing some training before my Q-RIDE course. I just bought a GS500F. The CBF250 rode ok, but the bigger suzi pushes my fat guts along better. If you are a heavyweight like me (100kg), go the 500.

    I had to use a CB250 doing my q-ride - it was struggling to get up to 100kph when I was on it. Instructor said I would have to ride it like I stole it on the highway!! Everyone else in my group was upgrading to R class licences and were on 650's.