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Suzuki GS500 MY08

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by the_blacke, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Bike has been sold. Thread can be locked / archived, thanks.

    It's time to sell my faithful workhorse, a Suzuki GS500. This bike has been on the road since Feb '09 when I bought it new from PS in Melbourne. Since then it has been a commuter bike from Eltham to the city, basically all freeway riding.

    This bike is still under factory warranty and is registered until Feb '11. It has done 16,500 KMs so far, but that will creep up a bit while I sell it.

    Needless to say, this bike is Learner Legal and has the right accessories for a commuter bike: top box (large enough to hold a 15" laptop in it's bag), oggy knobs, and the indispensable heated hand-grips for braving the ring road at -1 degrees! That's about a grand's worth of accessories that will set you up for year round commuting in comfort and style.

    Bike has always been dealer serviced, and has never been in an accident. It has had one little lie down, so now I know first hand why you shouldn't park your bike facing downhill! (In case you've never done it, it's all good until you pop the bike into neutral to warm up the engine, at which point it rolls gracefully off the side stand. Thankfully, my Subaru Forester was there to break its fall so the bike sustained no damage.)

    If you're familiar with the GS500 you can skip this next paragraph. If you're new to the bike, read on. The GS500 is a great bike for learners and/or commuters. Its 500 engine is big enough to get you out of trouble, though it won't rip your arms out. It will however allow you to keep pulling away at 100KM/h in top gear, and will do so quite snappily if you knock it down to 4th. It has a comfortable upright seating position and is a favourite of taller riders as it's quite roomy (though I'm only about 5'10" and it suits me fine). Mechanically it's a very simple bike - they haven't changed the basic design in the last 20 years or so. So no whistles or bells like ABS, just a solid, reliable and dependable design that keeps on going. It also comes standard with a centre stand which makes chain maintenance a breeze.

    I get around 5L per 100KMs on my commute, which gives an effective range of around 400 KMs per tank.

    Netrider price: $5,000 with RWC.

    If you're interested, PM me or call 0430 963 943. The bike is located in Eltham.

    Images to follow shortly.






  2. Price dropped to $5,000 with RWC
  3. I'll be selling this to Ray Quincey on Tuesday if there's no further interest.
  4. Bike has been sold
  5. To Ray Quincey? Don't tell me he offered you a reasonable price?
  6. Well no one else showed interest perhaps?
  7. He offered me a fair price. Based on this - my only experience with RQs - I'll definitely be going back to him if I ever decide to pick up an old track bike or similar.
  8. Mate,
    Shame nobody here in Netrider could purchase your great looking bike (ex) but well done for the good deal with Ray Quincey.
    Now, please do tell : In case I missed it earlier, what's the next bike ?
  9. mwaahaahaahaahaa :D

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