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Suzuki GS500 fork seals

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by SunSport1066, May 10, 2011.

  1. How often would the fork seals on this bike need to be replaced? I had both replaced 4 months / 4,000km ago and one of them is leaking again. Is this the normal life of these seals?

    Thanks to all who posted - I have good news. The mechanic who completed the seal replacement 4 months ago said he must have accidently damaged the seal during the job and apologised to me for the mistake. Both seals were replaced with a smile and without charge. All's well that ends well and it's really great to see there are plenty of decent people still in the industry. Anyone, no matter how good they are can make a mistake - it's what happens after that's important.

  2. hey there, i'm no expert, but i've had my fork seals for at least 16000km now (previous owner said he changed em) and they're still fine. 4000km is a worry :S

    might be other parts in your fork that could be worn out. would recommend stripping your forks apart and having a closer look
  3. It varies depending on the exposure of the seal and the environment you ride it. No matter what they should last way more than 4000 km. They are the type of thing you replace twice or thrice in the life of the bike. I've never replaced mine with 80,000 km but they do have a shield and they are partially hidden under the fairing.

    I'd guess yours were installed wrong or faulty, but check for damage to your fork tubes. Pitting here can quickly reduce the life of seals
  4. yes, pitting on the fork tubes will make quick work of your seals. run your hands over them to feel for any marks. and then hit with some wet&dry soaked in petrol and give them a rub in the area.

    then you're good to go.