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Suzuki GS500: any experiences/comments?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gaudian, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi All bikers,
    I'm looking for my next bike and I'm thinking about the GS500.
    Does anybody has comments and/or experiences about this bike?
    (i.e. reliability, maintenance, riding experience, etc...)
    Your thoughts are appreciated!

  2. You can't really go wrong with the GS .Great bikes.

    As long as it's been looked after by the first owner{s} or if you buy new.

    Just add fuel and have fun.
  3. happy with mine..... done over 5,300km on it since May, brought brand new with no major issues at all (besides a fail speedo cable), being a learner (now on R-Date licence) I've found it easy and comfortable to ride though admit longing for a bit more power at times :twisted: having said that it gets great fuel economy with over 400km a tank (16litres), being a 20litre tank and with 4litres left you could in theory get 500km out of it :shock: there is a good forum for the GS at http://gstwin.com ..... worth a gander if you are considering one....
  4. They are reliable, well built, economical to run, fairly comfortable, look good (faired or unfaired), and they are cheap to look after.

    About the only thing they don't do well is 10/10ths hooning (suspension is a bit soft for that).

    Nice bikes.
  5. Probably one of the best pure commuters out there, even has the ability to do some longer rides. Just don't try to race anybody.

    The fact that the bike has essentially stayed the same for nearly 20 years says something about the bike, just like the old saying "if it aint broke don't fix it".
  6. A very forgiving bike, and a great next step up from a 250.

    I had mine from new for 2 years and it never let me down.

    The kids were quite happy on the back, very comfortable to ride all day and as said up above, extremely fuel efficient.

    Being under a 600cc, it is also cheaper to register and insure :grin:

    BTW it can be seen here :wink:
  7. The fact that they're one of the top weapons of choice for couriers says alot about their reliability and maintenance (500e especially for maintenance). These guys ride them all day, in all conditions and rack up alot of kms, so I think its noteworthy to see what they choose.
  8. Up till 2 days ago, I was the proud owner of a 2003 GS500! It's a perfect bike for commuting and for long distance. Wouldn't call it a sportsbike, but it's obvious. Very comfortable and chuckable! It's light and yet it's a 500cc, great combination.

    Have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. Still dreaming/regretting selling it :( . But hey, I'm so impressed with Suzuki that I upgraded to its big sister (SV650)! :)

  9. Had one for nearly 5 years - ultra reliable, dead simple and very cheap to maintain.

    As a commuter bike which can be dragged into service to do anything (from touring to scratching) it's a very flexible and forgiving bike.

    Ony real limitation with it is the amount of power - not that exciting as far as horsepower goes, but for a commuter focussed bike it's more than fast enough.

    Great starter bike, and a good step up from a 250.
  10. Simple motor to work on. A bit cheap and chearful on components and finish. They do have a tendency to spin the counter balance bearing on the drive side. Not expensive to replace if you DIY, but very expensive to have done (motor out of frame and split the cases). The GS500 shares the same bottom end with the old GSX250 and Suzuki never upgraded the C/B bearings. Watch out for bottom end noises.
  11. mate if you are stepping off a 250, you will get bored of the GS in about 5 mins. but if you want a cheap no bollocks communter, especially if there are alot of freeway ks, its not a bad option at all.
    personally i found em about as interesting as watching paint dry, but there are obviously a number of people here who would dispute that.
    btw green slip and rego costs dont vary whether its 301cc ir 2300cc. what does vary is which insurer you chose and how old you are.
  12. Thanks everyone for your valuable comments. Until now it seems that the GS500 is one of the best & reliable commuters around, although not particularly exciting.
    I'm looking forward to step down of a Spada, who has served me without a problem while commuting to the city. I do a lot of motorway kms going back & forth to the city from the northwest (about 70 ks daily).
    So an agile, reliable & cheap commuter bike is my convenience, although not my desire. I'll be on red P until february so I can't go for a big one yet.
  13. The GS500 will probably have about 50% more power than the spada. If you buy and sell it at about the same price it's a worthwhile upgrade while you're still restricted.

    It's not a dream "gotta have it" bike though and never will be. It commands respect for being good at what it does, not for any star qualities.