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Suzuki gs500 24.000klm service

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Mikey213, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. My 2009 gs500 is almost due for 24k service..

    how much can i be expecting to pay approximately do you reckon?
    The brake fluid was just changed about a month ago.. so that doesn't need to be done, i know valve clearances are time consuming and if they need to be adjusted.. so

    thanks for your help.
  2. I would expect $800 - $900 for a major service, more if the valve clearances need changing.
  3. jeeeeeeeeezus,

    i probably should start ringing around then shouldn't i.. was thinking (hoping) maybe 500ish$
  4. Mikey, what'd ya pay for the 12K (assuming you had the bike then). Pretty much the same service. I had my GSXR600 in for the same service recently plus new tyres (Pilot Road 3's) all up for $850 - tyres were $550 fitted. It's a very similar service by the books. So I'm guessing $300ish. Done at Byrners. Had services else where due to convenience (five doors from my work in Bentleigh/Moorabbin) and always found they were more expensive than good old Funkytown.
  5. You could also get a quote from streetmaster. He does bike servicing, and he's in Frankston, so not far from you.
  6. I got it at 14ish... and streetmaster did the 18,000 service for me which was about $350? i am planning on ringing byrners as they are my local suzuki and i have sourced parts and all sorts from them and they've been really helpful.. got my brakes done there once.

    see above^

    350-500$ is reasonable, i don't need new tyres as i got new tyres when i bought the bike, well soon after..

    maybe i could do the oil and filter, and spark plugs myself to save some cash? or would that be pointless.

    the bike is running pretty shitty lately so i want to make sure its back to top notch again.
  7. $100 for parts plus labour maybe
  8. Is this a paid advertising by any chance?
  9. Nope. You note I didn't even use the @ in front to call his attention to it. Just a suggestion to the OP b/c Dave is close to him.

    ETA: But he does a great job on my bikes, past and present, so he doesn't need to pay me anyway.
  10. Oh all right then.
  11. At a peter stevens Stealership? can't imagine anywhere charging that much for most bikes
  12. i finally got around to ringing suzuki, and they quoted me between 4-450$

    so fingers crossed that estimate doesn't blow out to double that.
  13. You could do a hell of a lot of it yourself and save some $$. Then go to the mechanic and ask them to do the couple things you're unsure about.
    Its also nice knowing things have been done, because you did them, and that screws and bolts are torqued to manufacturer's spec.
  14. the only thing i'm comfortable doing is an oil and filter change, the spark plugs...
    i already changed the brake fluid..

    i just think it'll be easier if they did it all, i'm not going to save much money only being able to do those 2 things.
  15. shudda got streetmaster to do it for you, had him do my 6k service on my 2011 ninja 1000, he also worked on my hornet900, wouldnt take my bikes anywhere else, honest and earns his money, doesnt hide anything and he teaches you on how to do basic stuff yourself...