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Suzuki GS500 2008

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  3. @morgini@morgini Thanks mate. Unfortunately It also has a small dent on the tank as the first owner dropped it in his driveway :sour:

    I see you've got a GS yourself. Good stuff!
  4. Hi Tee, great bike, thanks for sharing! I'm looking at buying one. It's a toss up between VTR250 and GS500. I'm 82kg, 180cm and have a feeling that VTR250 might be a tad too small in a long run although it feels great, so nimble and light. Did you have a chance to ride VTR250. If so - how do you rate one against each other?
  5. Just got a mint 2012 GS500F as my second bike (after selling a CB250).
    Very happy so far, after just 5 weeks and 2500kms. (No commuting)

    I rode a VTR250 during the 2 day HART learners course and got quite sore on the second day. Being tense probably didn't help, though.

    I'm 195cm, 80kg and although more leg room would be nice, a recent overnight 1000km trip left me with no cramps or discomfort anywhere.

    BTW. I'm middle aged, so not nearly as supple as I used to be.

    Highly recommended as a simple LAMS unit with guts and real character.