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Suzuki GS500 - 2 valve VS 4 valve?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Riggler, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Hey guys first time posting on this extremely informative and friendly site.

    Just about to get my motorbike L's but have had car license for a few years.

    After sorting through all the LAMS bike I think the GS500 suits - Lots of commuting around Melbourne for Uni but then open driving and touring at home (Tasmania) during off periods.

    I've found two that I like:
    *according to Bikesales*
    2008 GS500 - 2 valves per cylinder

    2012 GS500 - 4 valves and lighter

    Wondering how this would effect the bike, mainly interested in fuel economy, useable power (for everyday driving and comfortability not racing etc.), smoothness, reliability and anything else you're aware of.

    Also feel free to discuss other LAMS bikes or options I should consider. 176cm - 62kg
    If you're interested I've already grabbed most of my gear from Triumph after getting some amazing service from Chris their accessory guru and snagged some huge savings and and stoked with my Triumph Stealth LE jacket.
  2. Good luck for your Ls, as for choice of bike get yourself down to a few bike shops & look at everything in your budget, model wise and price wise.
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    I suspect that's a typo (or the seller doesn't know or care). The Suzuki gs500 has always been 4 valve in its modern incarnation. They should be mechanically identical.
  4. The 08 and 12 gs500 are identical, they're all 2 valve per cylinder. If you plan to go fast and can afford it buy something more modern.
  5. Suzuki have tried to be a bit clever when they sell the GS500 in claiming that it's a 4-valve. It is, but that's the total, not per cylinder. Only 2 valves per cylinder.

    It doesn't make a huge difference for a bike like this, however. It will still do everything you want as a learner and even into the next few years. The bonus is thye wont devalue much.
  6. Welcome to NR, Riggler.

    I've had my 2012 GS500f since Feb and after 9,000km, we are still very happy together.

    I spun her up to 8,000RPM in 3rd gear on a set of tight corners on Sat and briefly scared myself. So that's what 40 hp feels like, I thought to myself, while grinning like a madman.

    Enough power for noobs? In my opinion... Yes!

    p.s. Wheeled her out of the garage, late this afternoon and she would start with the choke. Choke off, started cold first go. I couldn't believe it.
  7. Ahh Spring has sprung :)
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  8. Cheers for all the replies guys.
    So really they're the same just "marketed" in a different way but have same no of valves?
    Yeah well I'm not a heavy guy so it'll be perfectly suited for commuting and the odd St Mary's Pass (Wildest twisty Tassie road).
    Well the weather is certainly out for riding and I can't wait to see fellow GS or any rider out there.

    The 2008 has 10,000 less km but they're around the same price, and looks wise also similar, I'll try and check them both out but from a numbers view which would you recommend?
  9. how many k's?
    they'll both bottom out in value around $3-3.5K :)
  10. This is a common question and generally comes down to a bike that is serviced regularly is better than one that hasn't been serviced. A bike that has had fewer owners is better than one that has been through a dozen owners.

    Ask to see the service history of the bikes, cosmetics are an indication if it has hard a hard life. Check to see when the next service is due based on the Odometer reading. If it is a major service then that is an expense you may have in a short time frame.
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  11. 2012 - approx 25,000 and 2008 approx 15,000. Which on these engines is very small but reading around the forums everyone resells their bikes after LAMS (planning not to but everyone also says that..) So don't want to lose too much on resale.
  12. 24,000k is a major service including valve adjustments. Has it been done? If it has that's sweet, if it hasn't you will be up for an expensive service immediately after purchase.
  13. I have had my 2004 gs500F for 10 months now, great reliable bike but I do find it a bit slow, maybe because i'm a big bloke at 145kgs. I use it for commuting, weekend runs and having fun. 2 valves per cylinder, i have every engine mod possible on mine even dropped to 14 tooth front sprocket.
    Only problems i've had is flywheel bolts came undone which is common on these bikes.
    I have done valve shims twice and 1 set of tyres with 27000kms.