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Suzuki GS1100 Cruiser project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by hohn55, May 28, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, first up I think this site is awesome and I have learnt alot after reading many threads.

    Ok, so I had to get rid of my 1973 Valiant due to having no one to store it, so I finally convinced the boss to let me buy a project bike :) this is my first bike i've built so im learning as I go, I decided on getting a GS1100 after reading a thread on here and I just fell inlove with the bike.

    Alright so the plans are custom seat, complete re-wire, powder coat frame, remote start and alarm, and the list goes on.

    Here are some initial pics...........





  2. Hi [MENTION=37901]hohn55[/MENTION], your thread got auto modded because of the number of posts you have in total. I have approved it now. Good luck on your project bike. I look forward to seeing the results.
  3. Hell yeah mate, I drive a Valiant and loved my GS850 when I had it. I'll condense my experience with it into a few tips for you:

    Fit individual pod filters, and raise the jet needles one step to begin with.

    I would also suggest drilling the endcaps of your mufflers to give more flow and a better note.

    To match the exhaust/intake mods you will need jets perhaps 15% higher than your current ones. For example, a Mikuni 100 mainjet becomes a 115, a 115 becomes a 130 or 135 and so on.

    Make sure your regulator/rectifier and stator coils are in good working order, they commonly sh!t themselves on these bikes.

    Check out thegsresources dot com for EVERYTHING you could want to know about these brilliant machines, its a great resource.

    Cheers mate, any questions just ask - boingk
  4. Another great project to watch.

    I will be keen to hear how the remote start works out for you - I went with remote alarm on my last bike, and I am considering remote alarm and remote start for the current build, but then I am thinking that with older bikes that use a choke you would need to have that bike tuned and set perfectly to start remotely without a manual throttle or choke tickle during the starting process.

    But it would be very cool if it works.