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suzuki gs 500 fuel

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gustyoz, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. I have bought a 2nd hand Gs500E - 1997. All the literature I can find says it has a 17 + 3 litre tank. Milage calculations show it using 20 kilometres to the litre and should therefore be getting around 340km before switching to reserve. Why then am I consistently reaching down with my left hand at 240 km and only putting in about 12 litres. What gives? Anyone any clues? I am suspecting a 12 + 3 litre tank but without draining it into a bucket I cant be sure.

  2. The GS500 definitely has a 20L tank... Unless someone has changed it? In any case, yes, I get around 340 before needing reserve. If you aren't, then perhaps your bike needs a service? Carbies might be running rich?

  3. I'm not a small bloke, but I get around 320km and fill up at around 12 - 14L of fuel depending on fuel quality and how I decide to ride the bike.
  4. I may be wrong (very possible), but didn't the earlier GS500's come out with a 17 litre tank, which was upped to 20 litres when the model had a small styling upgrade?

    This may go someway to explaining the fuel range.
  5. true, but he still should be getting more than 240km per 12L

    I'd get the carby checked out.
  6. Mines a '89 model and the early ones definately had a smaller tank than the later models. Typically I only get around 200kms b4 I get nervous and fill up. Mine is always ridden in the city. I need to fill up soon so will tell u how many litres it took to fill.
  7. 12 litres at 240 clicks is 5L/100. I generally average 4.5L/100 which means 12 litres take me 266 km. I normally fill between 260 and 300 kms. I've only hit reserve one and that was 321 km from memory.

    So you're a bit on the thirsty side but it's not that terrible depending on how you ride it. If you're riding it easy then there could be something wrong. Although the newer bikes with the 3 carb jets are more efficient.

    The bike may also have been re-jetted, very common mod - I've done mine. If this is the case it may have been jetted too rich (very common) causing the loss in economy. If you're really keen you could pull the carbs to check the jet sizes.