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Suzuki GR650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by darklightBoy, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. My search for a replacement to the VTR sees me after something cheap, LAMS approved, that will run for 12 months till I can upgrade. I came across one of these on the Trading Post, '89 model, $2,500. I've found some specs, but no real reviews or anything saying what the bike's like.

    Anyone able to help me out here?
  2. They're alright.

    Ugly, wrong styled british clone, reliable, rust prone but I guess they all are. Basic big vertical twin motoring.

    It would want to be in pretty mint condition for that money. Looks alright in pics.

    Go for it. Although it's a bit of a downgrade from a VTR.
  3. Get rid of the afterthought fairing and panniers and it should do you for a year easily.
  4. That bike (along with other GR's) was sold buy maheims in the last few months.

    At those k's that would have been the worst of them. some had less then 10,000 on them.

    As to the bike they were a good, reliable bike that no-one bought because it looked to charactured.

    It would, however make a good starting point fro a cafe racer.

    Myself, I wouldn't pay any more then that for it, but I have seen some for sale for a bit more then that, with much higher ks.
  5. :shock: :? In english?

    kols: yeah, I know it's a downgrade from the VTR, but with only 12 months left on restrictions I dont' see the point in anything too new/expensive. I'll want to upgrade at the end of next year, so I just need something that'll survive.
  6. Do I need to type slower :LOL:

    That particular bike was purchase from Manhiems/Fowels auction in Sydney some time in the past 6 months.

    The army offloaded a bunch of them. Most of them had much less k's on them then that.

    Surely the rest was pretty clear?
  7. Yup, there was one for sale in Melbourne recently with less kms for a similar price (though without the ugly fairing). I think the Army were about the only people who actually bought them, they weren't a popular bike. Main problems apart from the rust and boring styling already mentioned were the fact that the electrics were crap and the gearing was wrong (way too low) - though the latter's fixable to an extent by changing the sprockets. As just a cheap runabout though it would be a good choice, mechanically they were very reliable and are popular overseas with couriers.