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Suzuki GN250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lil, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. My first bike was a GN250.....bit older than yours, though! Mine was an '85 model with?????kms on the clck. A very good family friend found it for me at the rock bottom price of $750 on-road 7.5 years ago.

    Needless to say, it lasted just over 3 months before I blew it up halfway between Melbourne and Phillip Island! It was a good bike, but I don't think it appreciated having its neck rung at high speeds! I don't know if that's a GN specific thing or whether it was my poor, abused bike's thrashed engine that just gave up the ghost!

    Do you have the owner's and service manuals for it?

    :D :D :D

  2. Goodie (wife) had one for about a year, bought/sold for the same price, never spent a penny on it but is was close to new when bought.
    NEVER missed a beat, not through the hills or one of the first Tassie-rides.
    Great little 250, dirtcheap to run/ service. She did about 14.000km on it, some of time the Ventura Rack loaded to a point that one could only see the top part of the helmet, from the back.

    Have fun
  3. This uses the same motor as the GZ250 Marauder. Good reliable motor as long as you don't want to set speed records.

    The GN/GZ series suffer from poor lubrication to the top end, where the cam and valves are. Being a single pot motor, don't overwork it. I would not recommend pushing it much beyond the 100kp/h mark. Treat it kind, and it will see you out.
  4. i got my self a GN250 and as a general comuter its a great little bike up till bout the 90kp/h anything after that and it works its brains out.

    does anyone know where i can get specs on the bike i have been searching the net but cant find anything