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Suzuki GN250, RWC, 12m Rego, Givi, CHEEP CHEEP

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Loz, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Ah, my favourite customer! Welcome, welcome. I have something VEEEEERY special for you today. Sit down, I show you.


    Is Suzuki GN250. Is 1990 model, best model. Is can do many crazy things like go more than ONE HUNDRED KILO per hour.


    Is beautiful. You see how chrome gleaming there? Is not because of sun. Is still gleam in dark. Is dark and mysterious motorbike. You can tell because of desaturated photo and heavy vignette.


    Is say 41,000 kilo on clock. But has different engine! So for sure is even less. Engine is beautiful one cylinder muscle beast with air cool. This is best cool. Cool cool for you!


    Is show other side of bike. This bike have TWO SIDE!


    Is show tyre. Look at tread on him. So much tread. You can ride this bike IN THE RAIN!


    Is show rego. Look at date. TODAY DATE! 12 months for you, I throw in. Is also have RWC.

    What, you want more? Ahaha I see you SO SMART customer! Hmm, What more special gift for you... I KNOW!


    But what is this?


    Hahaha! Is lock box of Givi! I make special for you! Is fit on back of bike:


    Is waterproof, and is so big. Look at photo, bigger than whole bike:


    So beautiful. You can fit whole helmet inside!


    Ha ha I make joke. Is fit whole MOTO helmet inside too!


    Bikesale he say this bike cost $2500 NO GIVI! This silly price. I say for you $2000 AND HE HAVE GIVI TOO! Is perfect learning LAM bike. Is can go so fast. Is so easy rider. Is can turn light off for stealthy, or beeping horn for no stealthy. Is make big smile for you. Is need wash.

    You call me yes? 0418 219 330. Is translation service available.
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  2. Hahahaha awesome ad
  3. are you going to fix the broken spoke?
  4. Ha ha stewy so funny. Is tyre pressure valve. Is can put AIR INTO TYRE ANY TIME!
  5. LMAO........ya clown!

    ...now i want to buy it. Does special horn go 'Honk Honk' or 'Meep Meep'?
  6. Is go parp parp.
  7. For some stupid reason I thought this was bangsley - and was shocked that it was "finished"....

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  8. I would buy this bike purely becuase of this Ad. Well played sir, well played.
  9. ...+1
  10. Is take 5 baht?
  11. Will it pull a chair?
  12. Is pull a couch.
  13. ..thankyou for making happy night on me..is good time....good two sided bike
  14. Is uglier than my first wifes cousins sister, but I still ride her anyway
  15. LOL great add, good luck with the sale.
  16. Is faster than goat? Is how many goats power?
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  17. Please to specify breed and size of goat.
  18. Such a cool add....
    Reminds me of some vid reviews..... :p
    Oh and third word in tags.... Hilarious...

  19. Is gone.
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