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Suzuki GN250 Indicators stopped working

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MeltingDOg, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just need a bit of advice as to what this could be. Went to ride the GN250 tonight and found that the indicators were on the brink. At first they flashed once or twice and now not at all. Battery is fine (pretty new) - no issues starting, lights work fine, just no indicators. I'm assuming the fuse is ok as everything else is working (only got 1).

    Does anyone know whats happening here?

    (previously, when they worked, it took about a second for them to start flashing once a flicked the switch - could this have something to do with it?)

  2. Sounds like the flasher unit.
  3. Makes sense. I'm guessing that would be an easy fix? Just drop the old one and plug in the new one? Sorry - Im still a bit of a newb :)
  4. Exactly that. You can check the switch contacts aren't dirty and that the bulbs are all intact, but I'd expect either of those to only cause an issue with one side. Don't discount the fuse though unless you know what else is on the same one.
  5. Thanks heaps Phil! Ill give that a try
  6. Or your connections on the flasher unit might be loose.
  7. If both sides are gone chances are it's not just a bulb. Check connections at the unit. The flasher itself can be replaced with something from "Repco".
  8. Well I fiddled around with the contacts and nothing changed so I took it out and down to the store to get a replacement. They didnt have any in stock so will have to order one in. However, when I got home I put it back in (for safe keeping) and low-and-behold it works again! Guess it just need some corrosion loosened off.

    Thanks for the help guys! Much appreciated!